How Bizarre

Sometimes the world looks better upside down

Standing in the shade of one of the palm trees that grace my deck, looking out over the sea and letting my eye travel far out to where the sea and the sky meet, I suddenly thought; we don’t look up at the sky much during the day and promptly did so and was amazed at what I saw..

Looking up at the sky I was intrigued to see many star like objects moving across the sky from west to east, some hovering and then moving back in the direction they came. I was in awe and my neck was getting sore from the awkward upward gazing angle, so I lay flat on my back on the bench that I may continue to observe the strange occurrence high up above. I lay there quite enthralled and observed this strange movement of objects across the sky for some time.

What the objects were I do not know, but I would not mind seeing it all again.

10 thoughts on “How Bizarre

  1. Judex

    You are right, Kate, in the Tropic we tend to see no more the beautiful things.

    Actually, there are more sightings of flying objects. They may be meteo or military balloons. I tried to shoot some pictures, but could not because my camera zoom is up to 300 mm. Not enough.

    Enjoy a peaceful weekend, Kate.

  2. andro51

    Yes quite possibly of the UFO kind as there are many unexplained happenings in the skies but luckily you were able to view this strange phenomenon (Hope I have spelt that word right? lol) An interesting posting Kate and thank you for sharing…

    Androgoth XXx

  3. lairdglencairn

    The same effect can be repeated when looking at a blank sheet of white paper – something to do with the liquid in the eyeball and floaters therein. As we lurch into winter here, with no sight of continuous clear blue skies, seeing anything other than banks of grey cloud would be a novelty. The only way I appear able to read this blog is to follow your comment from my site. Trying to access it and other blogs from windows appears impossible.

  4. kenny2dogs

    Hi Kate. I used to see odd things floating about in the sky. especially after a good drink the night before. Don’t do UFOs, or military shenanigans. But can agree with the Laird on this one.
    For the first time I am feeling quite well since my transplant. hope this is the beginning of my return to normality. I am “ALIVE” and soon I shall be kicking lol
    take care you lovely person you. xx

    1. Coffee With Kate Post author

      Kenny2Livers…! How lovely to see your comment on my blog and to hear that you are much improved health wise. Good news indeed.
      Im sure your blog friends would be interested to be filled in about the whole liver transplant process and where to from here….do tell all.
      Warm hugs to you xxx

  5. Natalia

    Hello Kate,
    I finally manged to turn the key in the lock and get to read the full content of your tantalizing update.
    Most unusual your sighting. As I go about my business I frequently look upwards. I watch passanger aircraft in the sky and marvel as to how such a heavy lump of metal defies gravity. Whereas Birds, Clouds, Stars etc bring wonderment of another kind.

    wishing you a happy Sunday Kate. :o)

  6. brentwoodprop

    Narure is full of beautiful and unexplained things all we can do is appreciate them, thanks for your visit Kate I am really making an effort to get my head around this new site

    Susan x


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