Ancient Tactics

chess pieces with hand

Imagine a bygone time where four Tribes shared a kingdom in tolerated but uncomfortable peace. Two were as powerful as each other and the two lesser tribes were unbalanced, one being stronger than the other, my tribe being the weakest.

If I wanted my tribe to attack yours, say because you had taken my water, but I couldn’t because other two tribes would call it an act of aggression and band up against me and defeat me. With my tribe wiped out, the remaining three would benefit and have more resources to share.

So how do I deal with the situation? My tribe is weak and in decline. It would only be a matter of time before something else was taken from us.

I would get a handful of my trusted men. Disguise them as the opposing tribe, weapons and all, then get them to attack my own tribe and sacrifice a few of the weakest and sick for the good of the whole. That’s right. I would attack myself then blame the other tribe, giving me every right to attack you back in revenge. The other tribes would then leave me be or at worse, take my side against you because you were the aggressor not me.

Yes, it is a low down dishonourable sneaky thing to do, but all’s fair in love and war. But now my tribe has everything your tribe once had and my tribe is now more powerful and power is addictive.

I want more land etc. but I am still not strong enough to fight the two much stronger tribes. How do I achieve this….easy I would pull a similar stunt on them too, first spreading a few whispered rumours of betrayal to both of them. I would set the stage to make it look as one of them attacked the other. Not before I had sworn allegiance to both sides, telling them not to tell the other about our secret pact.

Then my loyal men would repeat what they did last time and war would break out between the two stronger tribes, causing each to think the other is to blame because they do not know what is really going on.

However, I would not honour any of the secret pacts I made to side with them against the other. That was the illusion of friendship and loyalty. I would wait until one tribe defeated the other. The victor would now be spent, exhausted and short of their finest warriors. That’s when I would attack what is left them and the entire kingdom is mine.

Should any on the other hand, of the powerful tribes outside the kingdom who were on friendly trading terms with the slain tribes begin asking for an explanation of why I attacked. I would show them my relevant secret pact to show I was avenging their friendly tribe. In other words, I am on their side too because I executed their revenge. And the process starts again until I have everything and no one can stand in my way or against my tribe.

War is dirty but that’s war. It’s said the strongest survive. But so do the most cunning. That is why we say ‘The Mists of War’. It means the real truth of what happened has been obscured.

Does this compare with what you are seeing now in the modern world?


6 thoughts on “Ancient Tactics

  1. Judex

    Hi Kate,

    I see quite a few of these in the business world today. This is the reason why I am not a business man, too ashamed to use my brain for dishoinest things ! I chose to work with machines because machines have no brains ! Well, the little artificial intelligence Man is putting in machines now, does not make machines that dangerous yet !

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kate.

  2. andro51

    A very interesting take on Warfare Kate, I guess one has to be ruthless, cunning and indeed very deadly to survive as the victorious but what lies in between the grey areas of War?

    I think that this theme has to be fully explored before reaching a final conclusion… I rather like your friend’s analysis on Machines, if one continues to advance machines beyond the scope of mankind then what is to become of a world that incorporates machines as being superior, greater and with a higher intelligence than the creators that built them?

    Terminator springs to mind here and believe me I think that this highly developed and indeed sophisticated state-of-the-art technological high-tech advancement will undoubtedly come back to haunt us… I like your posting as it is extremely thought provoking, it adds that in depth examination into what War really entails, in the grey areas of obliteration…

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Natalia

    Hello Kate,
    As I read I thought, yes I know where she is taking us with this. The remit of warfare tactics in the modern world immediately sprung to mind. In the dating auditrioum, a likewise analogy could also be applied. It’s code is driven by the need for the survival of the fittest.
    Once again, very interesting Blog. Happy weekend. (d) 😉


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