Myths; are screwcaps better than cork?

Apparently not. The big cork producers like Amorin has done extensive research to remove the much dreaded cork taint, and reports are they have succeeded in doing so.

There is of course a place for the screw caps in fresh, young wines – to be drunk soon, but cork is still tops as gurus from Portugal will attest, and there are very few wines in screw caps to be found in Portugal.

You will not find any French 1st growth in screw caps either, or any port from the Douro, nor Meerlust or the upper echelon Nederburgs, from the Cape wine-lands.

Cork is much, much more eco- friendly, keeping people working in the country and at the same time protecting the european lynx and many birds that live in cork forests.


9 thoughts on “Myths; are screwcaps better than cork?

  1. judexy22

    The Corks are always damaged when I try to pull them out. Are they of poor quality ? In some bottles of wines, find new Corks that are strong enough, but look like synthetic Corks. Does this have any effect on the wine ?

    Why the labels “Contains Sulphite” is very small and is always in a hidden position on the bottles ? I think the reason is that Sulphite afftects certain People !

    Wishing you a very peaceful weekend, Kate.

    1. Coffee With Kate Post author

      Hi Judex,
      There are some inferior corks; there are also some plasticised type corks too. With all good wines however, storage is important. A good wine rack will assist in proper positioning of your wines to prevent corks from drying. Temperature is also important, in Mauritius unless you have an effective temperature controlled wine cellar, you may experience storage problems.
      Yes there are sulphates in many wines. The wine industry is allowed a certain amount of additives to enhance flavour, or preserve. I find the ones high in sulphates problematic in that I can at times be reactive. However a winemaker friend of mine says that producers of wines also add histamines to wine which people tend to react to more so than sulphites.

  2. Natalia

    Hi Kate, fascinating post. Until now I did not know that wine contained sulphites, probably due to the fact I rarely imbibe. On the subject of cork, a bottle without one suggests one thing to me, the “Lambrini drinking sect” cheap, nasty and uneducated as to what constitues as a good bottle of wine. Which wine do you prefer and why?
    Regards Natalia. x

  3. andro51

    Yes Kate there is nothing quite like a good wine… No, not whine, lol just kidding… I really like your blog, which is both interesting and informative too… Have a lovely start to the new week and thank you for calling by to read my Scripts… Androgoth Xx


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