Wisdom from animals

Since prehistoric times, animals have acted as companions to humans on their journey toward enlightenment.
Animals as disparate in character as house pets, birds, sea creatures, and insects have been our mentors, teachers, and guides. There is much we can learn from animals, as they offer us the unique opportunity to transcend the human perspective. Unlike human teachers, animals can only impart their wisdom by example, and we learn from them by observation. An animal teacher can be a beloved pet or an animal in the wild. You may even find yourself noticing the animals in your backyard. Even robins and bumblebees have lessons to share with you.
Animals teach us in a variety of ways about behaviour, habit, and instinct. House pets embody an unconditional love that remains unchanged in the face of our shape, size, age, race, or gender. They care little for the differences between us and them and simply enjoy loving and being loved. Our pets encourage us to let our guards down, have fun, and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life. You can also learn lessons from the animals you encounter in the wild if you take the time to observe their habits. Cold-blooded animals show us adaptability and sensitivity to one’s environment. Mammals serve as examples of nurturing and playfulness. Animals that live in oceans, lakes, and rivers demonstrate the value of movement and grace. It is even possible to learn from insects that live in highly structured communities that everyone plays a vital role.
Animals teach us about life, death, survival, sacrifice, and responsibility. If you find yourself drawn to a particular animal, ask yourself which of its traits you find most intriguing and think about how you might mimic those traits. Think of what you might learn from observing the little bird on your windowsill or the mosquito buzzing around a picnic table. Animals express themselves with abandon, freedom, and integrity. It’s natural to be drawn to the wisdom offered by our animal teachers, and in doing so, discover what is natural and true within you.

Source: DailyOm


6 thoughts on “Wisdom from animals

  1. Kenneth

    Many inventions have been inspired by Nature, mimic Nature and you are on the correct course. It is quite extraordinary I feel, that man has not followed Nature more closely and taken better care of it. After all, she has taken great care in our creation and continues to take care of us. But for how much longer !

  2. Stephen Craig

    Dear Kate, Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your most kind comments. Our non human fellow creatures are ever a blessing to observe and learn from. As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. Horst

    I believe that our Indiguinas people around the world have used this way of life as to use and observe the animals so as to survive in nature. Natives of our land here in Canada have used animals as teachers. Also the monks in Tibet and China, have used animals as teachers.. It is to bad for us civilized people, that we think animals are stupid and not worth observing.

  4. jason

    you wanna read those stories by the native american indians, they talk about the animals, and lessons from them, etc. etc.

  5. Suki x

    Hi KateA few comments spring to mind re animas as teachers versers humans as teacher …’Don’t do as I do do as I say’ and the Rudyard Kippling ‘Just So stories’, and Brother Bear another good example of North American Indian WisdomLove Suki x


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