Appreciate the beauty inside and all around you

Look up at the stars tonight… Smell the fragrances in the air…

Greet the sunrise tomorrow.

Hear the sounds of Mother Nature’s creatures as she awakens for the day. Look and really see the beauty and elegance of everything, from the tiniest leaf to the most gigantic tree, and all that’s in between.

Don’t judge what you see or experience as good or bad; instead, appreciate the precious uniqueness of the diverse elements that make up this wonderful world in which we exist.

You really need to get outdoors in nature to deepen this experience of appreciation. Mother earth is your true mother – you’re birthed from her through your biological mother. Honour her be revelling in the remarkable tapestry of her diverse expressions, and as you do, breathe deeply and slowly.

You and your world are intimately interwoven, and you’re alive in that world. Appreciate your own beauty and the magnificent being that you are as you revel in the elegant exquisiteness of all that you see, hear, and feel.

Practice and focus on; Peace; Elegance; Purity

One thought on “Appreciate the beauty inside and all around you

  1. Kenneth

    Wonderful Kate, and I do believe all that is mentioned in the above.   Lovely   post.
    We are experiencing a scorcher here today, shorts on, sipping  lemonade with ice. soooooo     nice to feel the  sun on my back.
    take  care   Kenny.
    ps.. have had my hair cut, no more  pony  tail  🙂


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