Today’s Quick Tip

Cholesterol Balance:

If you crave sweets or feel thirsty, eat plenty of sweet, juicy fruits.

For Quality Digestion:

Favour fresh foods and avoid left-over’s which can disrupt digestion.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Quick Tip

  1. The Divine Mrs M

    Hi Kate
    I never knew that about the left over foods
    I am going to remember that as I have been having some digestion problems lately
    I hope you are ok…i was shocked to read about your accident with the food processor. YIKES.
    Im glad the surgery went well for you-  take care!
    mags x

  2. Horst

    Thanks for the tip Kate, looks like I will be wthout the use of my right hand for about six weeks. I will be going in for surgery on the 20th of June. Now I will find out what you have been going through, for the last few weeks.


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