House Clifton Today

Hello Mr Phrogg  pic Good morning everyone,

Gosh, storms have slapped us silly. The gale force wind and bucketing rain has engulfed us for more than a week. At times the mist was so heavy that one could not see anything beyond the deck. The trees have been thrashed about and the little plants in the garden bullied but all seem to have coped in the end.

Then just as one thought the winter had arrived; the conditions changed in a flash bringing hot weather today, with calmness and a gentle warm breeze in the air. Amazing!

Wandering around the garden early this morning I was pleased to note that the young lemon trees have survived the recent harsh conditions and are in fact flourishing. I am however concerned that if we get further torturous wind that the new leaf emerging from one of the palms will get damaged as the last few have. The tree is looking rather awkward at the moment with knit one, skip one and break one leaf format.

Additional lighting has been installed in the meditation courtyard where Mr Koi and his other fishy mates are happily housed and doing so well. Mr Koi has grown rather large since his arrival some years ago. In my heart he is still my baby even though approximately 30cm in length now, he still likes to suck my fingers and nudge my hand when I spend time with them or when I feed them. He is also very much ‘the boss’ of the pond.

I am also pleased to report that the blender finger is healing extremely well and it seems will leave very little scarring which is a very pleasant surprise. This is thanks to new methods of healing which is referred to as the wet method. What this means is that the finger is wrapped in a type of dressing which keeps the damaged skin moist and is replaced every three days. On removal of the dressing it pulls away with it any scabbing formation, thereby allowing the skin to fuse together smoothly. All fascinating to observe; oh yes, I could eventually look at it, as gory as it was.

All for now, chat soon.


3 thoughts on “House Clifton Today

  1. LAIRD

    Pleased to hear the finger is healing nicely. You failed to mention what you did to the blender !
    We had our summer sunday and monday, today the forecast is rain! 

  2. Kenneth

    Nothing so fickle as the weather, save perhaps a woman.  Yes one must keep it well moisturised, it makes for a neater scar.

  3. Rob

    Hi Kate, its been a while since i popped by for Coffee 😦
    sorry to read about your blending incident, glad alls healing well
    I get jealous everytime i look at the view from your deck, those sunset photos are bliss, i can only imagine the joy you get sitting by your pond of an evening with ‘Mr Koi’ keeping you company… and possibly a glass of wine 🙂
    Best wishes, Rob x


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