Self Massage

Today’s little snippet is about bringing health and vitality to your body. It is an easy but powerful process and takes just a few minutes to do. Apply the self massage techniques at least once a day; busy people can even do them during their tea breaks. The benefits of self massage and how to apply it are explained below.

Self massage promotes the flow of energy within your body that keeps you vibrant and healthy. Here are some simple techniques to follow:

Move your lower jaw back and forth. This allows for the flow of energy from the yin to the yang, and the resulting vibration activates the brain.

Massage your hands and scalp to stimulate all parts of the body, revitalizing the internal organs and bodily functions.

Massage your ears to activate the internal organs.

Gently massage the area just below your navel, called the Sea of Energy, or Don Tien, to rekindle your internal fire (energy). This area of the body is also called the Lower Burner.

Rub the base of your spine, or sacrum, eighteen times to bring warmth to the adrenals and activate the kidneys; stimulating the kidneys is key to longevity in Chinese medicine. Rubbing your lower back helps you stay balanced in the nervous system and helps with your metabolism.

Massage your belly in a clockwise direction while lying on your right side; this will aid digestion and stimulate the colon to promote healthy bowel movements. It will also help diminish the facial lines going from your nose to your mouth.

Rub your midback to stimulate the mingmen, or Gate of life. This will keep the kidneys vital.

Massage your skull to enliven the brain. The point at the top of the head is called Bai Wei, or Point of Thousand Petaled Lotus. Massaging this point connects you to the heavenly energy and brings you closer to nirvana, or enlightenment. Massage this point nine times in a circular motion.

Rub the bottoms of your feet to ground yourself in earthly energy. As you do this, you strengthen the entire body.

Massage your joints; this will keep you limber, since where ever you have a joint, the chi and blood can get stuck

The Power of visualization: Visualization while you practice self massage can help to recharge and regenerate the body in a profound way.


2 thoughts on “Self Massage

  1. Suki x

    hi again
    Try Yoga it is massaging the internal organs via the various Yoga possitions, there is something in each of these massages that relates directly to the Chakra’s of the body
    love suki x


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