Today’s Snippet – Value Just Being


Todays' Snippet


5 thoughts on “Today’s Snippet – Value Just Being

  1. LAIRD

    Only someone who never married could have the luxery of sitting at his doorway from dawn until lunchtime !!!!!

  2. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Hello Kate,
    This is Bittersweet from the States.  Upstate New York.  It has been awhile since we have extended good wishes.  I loved your pictures of Africa.  Just lovely.
    We are still very much in the winter mode.  Spring just doesn’t want to come.  I am looking forward to the soil warming up and have plans for a wonderful garden. My brother and his lady friend are sharing in the chores and I’m really looking forward to a long season of vegetables. This year I’m determined to have lots of fresh lettuce and spinach in addition to the vine crops etc.  This year I’m going to try the melons and corn again. So looking to lots of outdoor cooking etc.

  3. Judex

    This is very beautiful. 
    Today I complain about the noises from the cars, buses,lorries etc.  When I was younger, the town was very quiet, and the church bells rang so sweet, undisturbed by the traffic noise !
    I still enjoy the Church Bells at noon and a beautiful sunset later.
    Laird of Glencairn put it funnily " Only Someone who never married could have the luxury of sitting at his doorway from dawn until lunchtime !!! "  Indeed a few still have got that luxury !
    Keep well.
    Big Hugs,
    Judex.  xxxxxx

  4. swamp

    Afternoon Kate. A long while since I splashed out from the swamp. I can’t seem to put my camera down long enough, to get on with the things in life I should be doing. Those words above, certainly seem very fitting for me. I much prefer the ‘being’ to the ‘doing’.
    Hope all’s well in your world, and Easter was enjoyable.  xx


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