Impulse To Change

How do we support others who are suffering? Through love, listening and understanding.

Pain generates the impulse to change. Or aim in supporting someone is not to get rid of their pain and suffering, instead, we want to assist them to understand what the pain is trying to teach them, to find meaning in their distress.

Often, all we need do is be fully present to them. It also helps to be present to our own experience and genuine in our feelings. Living our own truth helps create the space for the other person to live theirs.

The purpose of therapy is not to remove suffering but to move through it to an enlarged consciousness that can sustain the polarity of painful opposites.

We support through love and understanding. The first duty of love is to listen and with the gift of listening comes the gift of healing.

Wishing you all a relaxing week end


8 thoughts on “Impulse To Change

  1. Kenneth

    Hi Kate.
     Have just looked at your new photo’s again and they are truely very good, I enjoyed looking at them very much.
    A friendly shoulder can have a far greater bennifit than any antidepressant, while antidepresents can turn that shioulder cold.

  2. Dusty

    Nice to be back catching up with you.
    I loved your photos – also the wise and kind words of this blog – you are so right.
    Hope you too have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    As usual I enjoy what you teach.
    It appears to me that some People take a little pleasure in pains !  Is this true or is this abnormal ?
    Wish you a great week ahead.
    Hugs, love and kisses,
    judex. xxxxxx

  4. Mei's

    Dear Judex, what do you mean people take pleasure in pain? If its true, thats me, abnormal! Thank you.

  5. Coffee With Kate

    My Pleasure Mei, I hope what I wrote makes sense, that you can apply it and that it makes a difference in and to your life.
    Have a nice day.


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