Safari trip to Madikwe, more photos

Hello everyone,

I mentioned to some of you that I would post more pictures of our Safari trip to Madikwe, but there are just so many lovely photographs to choose from. Instead Mr G has set up a link on Flickr where you can view the photographs either as individual photos or as a slide show, the choice is yours. Follow the link included to view.


6 thoughts on “Safari trip to Madikwe, more photos

  1. Stephen Craig

    Dear Kate,  Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your comments.  I really love the photographs.
    As ever be well.
    Stephen Craig Rowe

  2. Mei's

    Hello my lovely Kate, got up early this morning, hope doing this blogging can wear myself out, anyway, where is your lovely piece of music gone! It’s nice that song. Have a good day Kate! Mei

  3. Suki x

    Hi Kate I have just watched your slide show on Flickr, fabulous shots you got there, well done to who ever took them, the lions are amaizing and you look as if you were so close with out protection, thoroughley enjoyed my trip with you
    Suki x


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