A beautiful Place

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A few blogfriends have asked me to write about where I live. Well it is a place of…….

Sparkling waters, white sands and a small, elite community of beach houses, apartments and mansions nestled in the lush amphitheatre of Table Mountain; this is Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa – One of the most beautiful place and which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.Clifton evening

Clifton is considered a diamond among all the jewellery that Cape Town offers. A place to relax, soak up the sun and gaze across the crystal waters. It is hard to believe that you are just minutes away from the centre of a major cosmopolitan city.

The beach-house area of Clifton has a long and gracious history. The architecture of the area is governed by the South African Heritage Resources Agency in order to maintain its atmosphere of a quiet albeit luxurious seaside retreat.

Many of the cottages and homes are set amongst leafy indigenous vegetation and fruit trees, and have beautiful views of yachts, pleasure cruisers, marine shipping, and marine life such as whales, dolphins, and seals, in the bay through shady trees and some homes, with a panoramic view from the sea up to the summit of Lion’s Head Mountain behind which gently embraces the Clifton community.

Stretched out below are the lively Clifton Beaches which are bound to seduce, they are probably among the most popular of all the Cape beaches.
There are four separate beaches at Clifton, divided by huge boulders and sheltered from the southerly winds by the Twelve Apostles mountain range.

These exclusive patches of sand adorned by bronzed bodies are considered among the most fashionable places to be seen. In the summer season they are frequented by an upmarket crowd of sun worshippers, who either stretch out lazily in the sun or participate in various beach sports.

Clifton’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd beaches are small, and hidden away from the road that passes along the top. Access to the first three of Clifton beaches is via steps winding down from the coastal road above. Parking is limited to the roadside as well as a small parking lot on the coast road.

Clifton’s Fourth beach is the largest most popular beach and the best choice for visitors as it offers ample parking and refreshments as well as the popular restaurant scene. Lifeguards and security are provided in the summer season on all the Clifton beaches.

The deep blue Atlantic sea is ever so inviting but for many bar the most enthusiastic swimmer, far too cold to swim in. That doesn’t concern Clifton beach goers however. Lounging about on the white sands, playing beach games and eyeing the jet skis and yachts moored offshore is usually the order of a hot summer’s day, and considered a popular pastime.

Clifton features some of the most exclusive real estate in South Africa; with properties ranging from beach cottages to luxury apartments and custom designed mansions, some of which are built into the mountainside, overlooking this popular part of the Cape coastline, blending in with the natural scenery.


9 thoughts on “A beautiful Place

  1. Isabelle

    You are so LUCKY to be able to live in such heaven!! I mean you have everything living there!! Beauty, tranquility and the nature surrounding makes it a DELICIOUS destination!!
    I am happy you like the pic of me on that high rock! Sniff sniff I was really scared you know:OP
    Oh yes I am chatty! You should know that by now!!!:0)
    Take care,

  2. Kenneth

    Water temperature matters little, however, that, which is in the water with me is paramount, no, I shall not be going swimming. Just point me in the general direction of the dancing girls and let me loose.

  3. Suki x

    Hello Kate
    What a wonderful description of where you live, it sounds heavenly.  With the added attraction of the Whales basking off shore it sounds like paradise.
    Love Suki x
    PS the fuchsia pic is still there, I hope you can see it if you look again hopefully it is just an MSN blip!   It has caused some controversy!! LOL

  4. Ye Olde

    Hi Kate,
    The title of your entry says it all, what a beautiful place!
    you must get fed up of people saying how lucky you are, soI won’t , but……
    You dont mention sharks.. do you get many of those fellers?
    There is a rising fad amongst divers to swim with them, but I think I agree with kenny on that one, sharks are for someone else!
    You life in the 1500’s entry was very interesting… I got married in June, though funnily enough not because of any personal hygene or olfratory reasons, it sort of just came about, but there is a tendency for marriage in June here, ( flaming June ), and now I know why…one or two of the other facts I knew, but most are news to me,and will be to the old growler when I tell her!.
    Meditation is something I never got into, though the mrs used to go to yoga, which used to relax her a lot.. I find scuba diving to be a similar experience ( when it all goes right that is ), as sometime swhen I get out, I’m so laid back its unreal! .
    I think it must be the combination of deep breathing & slow movements that do it….though having said that, there have been one or two times when I have been pretty far from relaxed at the end of a dive!
    anyway, must go to bed now,its getting late & I have to go to work tomorrow…
    good to talk to you again, and share a coffee, and thanks for telling us about Clifton, : o )
    take care and see you soon
    Woof woof x

  5. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    In relatively few words you have naratted so well your place !
    I imagine the evenings must be so romantic ! 
    I love your albums.
    Kate, thanks to share all these.
    Take care,
    Judex.  xxxx 

  6. Skye & Starr

    wow…what a beautiful place…well written..its almost as if i have been there and want to stay in such paradise for ever. you are a great writer. your title says it all. how are you?

  7. Peter

    Looks like a nice place, Kate – and probably beats Scotland this time of year too, especially in terms of weather.Have a good week & all the bestPeter


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