In Response to Ye Olde Sea Dog

And hello to you again. With regard to your question about the whales. They come in very close, about 100 meters off shore, but the distance varies depending on what is on their agenda of course…such as shall we wallow in front of Kate’s place or further out where the pleasure crafts cruise by. But yes very close indeed which is such a treat. They will continue in this way for most of the summer season, their visits becoming less frequent during winter.

Over the week-end there was a person on a paddle ski, literally just off shore in front of my home; he was surrounded by dolphins who were most content to play around him as they did while I watched this beautiful scene from the deck of my home, nestled against the cliff edge. Awesome!


5 thoughts on “In Response to Ye Olde Sea Dog

  1. Suzi

    Wow kate i can almost picture that … i am 5 minutes walk away from the sea but can see it sat in my back garden just something about an ocean view well the Wash in my case but ocean sounds nicer lol .. ty for dropping by .. Suzi x

  2. Rog

    Hi Kate. I shall come back and catch up on you tomorrow!! You have been so much more productive than me, whales eh? blimey, make my old badger look a bit flat eh? Hehehehe Nice to see you again. I will upload some of my pix from today tomorrow. If you see what I mean?

  3. Mei's

    Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by and leave your kind comment, I’m doing fine, I really enjoy staying in the new place, sometimes i really don’t want to go back to the old times with them. I really don’t know what to do or what do I want? Thanks again for your visit. Have a good week a head! Mei

  4. Ye Olde

    Hi Kate,
    well thats a first, my own blog entry!
    Thanks for taking the time to tell me about the whales…. you lucky person!
    100m….. well I could almost swim that.. ( actually I can, I had to do 200m for my PADI open water ), but thats almost close enough to touch….does anyone ever try to swim with them? dangerous game methinks!
    As for the guy on the paddle ski, what can I say, I’m… not jealous, or envious , but I think I wish I could be there, if you know what I mean.
    I was watching a programme on tv here not so long ago, that I think was trying to tell us that dolphins are not the cuddly fun loving critters that we all know & love, but that there was a dark side to them, which involved a bit of rufty tufty dolphin style, because the divers / swimmers had been accpted by the aforementioned marine mammals as part of their " group " which resulted in a bit of " I’m the top boy around here matey " behaviour.
    Which when all is said and done is really what you would expect when your are in their environment.
    Personally I think swimmers were very priveledged to be accepted in such a way.
    Please post some pics, if you get the chance, it is something I would love to see.
    I’m off to your photo albums now to see if you already have……
    thanks for the chat,
    enjoy the view ( awesome is probably an understatement )
    take care
    Woof woof x

  5. Ye Olde

    Hi there, me again!
    You have some great photos my dear, my favourite album being april in clifton, what a beautiful place you live in, how did you end up there?
    by luck, design or birth?
    I particularly like the collage of abbots, a very clever idea!
    I’m off for a coffee now
    have a good week
    woof woof x


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