Limit the target

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.

The rule says that on a list of 10 tasks, only 2 of those tasks will return 80% of the value of the entire list. Look at your ‘to do’ list for today. Which tasks are directly related to what you most want in life? Find the 2 most high value items on your list and tackle them first. This focused approach is how we really move forward.

Many of us actively avoid the top 2 priorities because they are more challenging than the rest. If they are to lead us to worthy goals, they are undoubtedly asking us to move into new territory in thinking and acting; although this can be scary, the end result is most rewarding.

3 thoughts on “Limit the target

  1. Mei's

    Again! I do think sometime you can read people’s mind too! Thank you again, coming here reading your writing helps me think!!! Thanks for dropped by and leave a comment. Have a good day! Mei

  2. Isabelle

    Yes Mei! She does read people’s mind but won’t say it aloud!!!! What’s the trick Kate?
    Ok I’m on my way to tackle my to do list.Priorities first I promise!!!
    Take care,


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