It’s The Season……

It is the Whale season; they can be seen almost on a daily basis, some close into shore others further out to sea as they pass by in front of our home. Large tails and flippers are gracefully displayed together with large plumes of water sprayed high into the air at various intervals.

October is the month when the village “Hermanus” attracts thousands of people who come to observe the whales that gather there annually in great numbers. It is a place, a sanctuary that these beautiful creatures choose to birth their babies.

There is a sense of anticipation in the air. Where ever I go Christmas is beginning to be promoted; amazing to think that it is less than three months away.

Soon the silly season will bring forth a frenzy of shopping activity together with an influx of tourist as we go into our high season.

It makes me think; it is time to start baking some Christmas cakes which I like to give as gifts to close friends. I just love the smell of heady spices that send their wonderful fragrances wafting throughout when baking Christmas fare. On checking the pantry I see that I need to do some shopping for additional ingredients.

November/December also brings the company of more friends who fly into Cape Town for a short break or extended holiday, a joyful time of sharing, catching up and entertaining.

I was so force fed on the traditional Christmas routine as a child that I no longer follow the norm of cooking a turkey, instead I like to serve seafood platters accompanied by beautiful salads, fresh breads and light deserts which also suites our climate.

My home will not be brimming over with immediate family because this year Dominique and Cameron will spend Christmas with their father in Durban Natal; they are planning a get together of a large gathering of friends and family somewhere up in the Drakensberg which should be a lot of fun.

So my lovely blog friends, what are your plans for Christmas?


9 thoughts on “It’s The Season……

  1. Isabelle

    Hi Kate!
    Happy to see you’re back to blogging.
    Oh, the way you describe the whales really gives me the desire to come and see them.
    Ahhhh,….. when I think we are surrounded by water and I never got the chance to see them fo really! (TV doesn’t count!). Shame on me!!
    Wow, people in your country are really anticipating the coming festive season!!!!
    Bof,…. I am not personally excited with the festive season. Anyway it is the same each year! I don’t even go to church…… but hey I do believe in God!!!!! NO PLANS SO FAR!
    Mmmmmmmm………. just too bad I can’t get a piece of that Christmas cake of yours!!! Sniff….sniff!

  2. Isabelle

    Where on earth is that Clifton house again?
    Ok,……. I’ve just banged my head with my screen because I wanted to get in the pics! Yeh,…..I know that’s silly! 😉
    Oh and sweet Madeleine, sooooooo cute!
    Mmmmmmm, nice succession of Abbotts!
    Hey you can pop in any time! It’s always a pleasure to have new friends!!!!!!!
    Take care,

  3. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    Very happy to read your new blog  again after so long !
    The world is so small ! I see Isabelle’s comments here.  Incidentally, she is my Daughter ! lol.  Very talkative !
    Kate, you are blessed to be able to see the whales from your house.  It makes me dream !  Any sun rise or sunset  seen from where you are ? If yes, please post some photos.
    Take care.
    Judex. xxxxx

  4. Suki x

    Hi Kate
    How priverliged you are to see these beautiful  creatures at close quarters, what a wonderful place you live!   Yes Aunumn is apon us and Christmas is just around the corner!  Today whilst visiting the allotment I noticed growing in the hedge Sloes, nearly as big as plums and very ripe not the usual sour bullets we usually get.    So I brought alot home and am busy making sloe and apple jelly, which I think will make a good accompaniement to Pork or Lamb, may even serve it with the Christmas Turkey instead of cranberry sauce which seems to have taken on here but to me is so ‘un-English’
    Enjoy your guests and the pleasure that entertaining brings
    Love Suki x

  5. Kenneth

    Hi Kate.
                     Nice to here from you again I trust all is well with you and that you have a healthy supply of fresh coffee at hand.
    You paint a pretty picture of the Whales, it must be a wondrous sight to behold, to see those leviathans of the sea swimming free and in good numbers. It is another wonder that they survived the terrible loss of numbers during the days when man would set sail in search of them and hunted them almost into extinction.
    I have been invited to Gambia for Christmas by my daughter but somehow i just don’t think i shall accept the invite, another time perhaps. So, it looks like i shall be spending Christmas alone.
    Once again nice to have you back amongst us, take care and be good . love Kenny. x
    p.s.  The tail of a whale is called a "fluke". Just thought to mention it.

  6. meg

    Welcome back to Blogland; hope your time off with family & friends was wonderful.
    This will be our first Christmas home in 3 years, so we are really nesting- a bit of decorating, an open house the week before, then just the three of us at home, with the boy cooking dinner.

  7. Ye Olde

    I would go & live on the hill so that I could see these wales.. brilliant, nature in your back garden almost…
    christmas.. hmm, I also had the xmas trimming dinner thrust upon me when I wa  a child, but unlike you I really love turkey etc and in the run up to xmas, when the turkey wars begin in our supermarkets, it has been known for us to have a turkey every sunday, AND on xmas day!
    I must say that by the end of december my hankering for the feathered beast has receeded quite considerably!.
    Xmas day will probalby be spent at my mums, this time round though I think all the siblings will be elsewhere, so it might well be a quiet affair .. for once.. but hopefully all the family will gather at some stage.
    Its nice to see my niece ( 2 yrs old, gorgeous), and nephew 4 yrs old & spend some time with them &  also my 3 other older nephews,though its a different sort of relationship now, more adult.
    Keep watching those wales.. lucky you!
    take care
    see you soon
    Woof woof xx


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