Are your thoughts of lack or abundance?

What are your thoughts and how do you feel about money? It is said that being poor is simply a frame of mind; that our beliefs create our reality. If your focus is all about lack, that will be your reality.
If you have struggled with money most of your adult life, chances are that something happened when you were young to create limiting beliefs around money and prosperity. Look back to your early years. What beliefs did your parents and other influential adults have about money? Chances are you’re also carrying those beliefs and they are not serving you well. The law of abundance is that everything replicates after its own kind. Like is attracted to like. If you want more abundance, focus on abundance.

18 thoughts on “Are your thoughts of lack or abundance?

  1. swamp

    Afternoon Kate. A sunny afternoon here for a change.
    Money is something that seems to pass me by; never had an abundance, but usually just enough to get by. Still, the beauty of the nature costs nothing, and is there for all to see, if we open our eyes to it. Some things in life just can’t be bought.
    Enjoy the rest of the day  🙂

  2. vєє

    I love visiting your space Kate, such thought provoking blogs. I always seem to be skint at the moment, but looking back to a few years ago, I remember when I was working in a crappy job that I hated, so I began re-training as a medical secretary and every night during my meditation, I focused on getting a job in a hospital. I pictured myself sitting at my desk, answering the phone, typing letters, etc. I did this for about a month and then started to apply for jobs, before I had even finished my training! I thought – what the hell! they can only say no, right? I continued with my meditations every night and two days after the closing date, I got invited for an interview and got the job! I’m not working there any more, but at least I proved to myself that belief and focus are two very powerful mediums indeed! There is only you that stands between what you really want out of life! I loved your previous blog about simplifying your life too. I began meditation around ten years ago to try and still my busy head. I wouldn’t say that my buzzing thoughts have completely stopped, but I find it somewhat easier to switch off in the evenings now. I don’t if simplifying your belongings comes under the same category too, but I also found the need to have a really good clear out to the charity shops for some reason. I felt I had too many belongings and that my life was cluttered up. I have felt 100% better since and it’s nice to know that someone else will benefit from some of the stuff I have got rid of.
    Blessed be )0(

  3. Mei's

    Very nice Swamp, open our eyes, lots of things money isn’t the answers, they can buy you a short time merry, real love, real friends they are free, and money worth nothing to them. Mei

  4. Kenneth

    Money is the root of all evil, man murders and maims for it, 99% of all crime is committed for the lust of it and countless millions die from the lack of it. But it makes the world go round.
    I hate money and I hate what it does to people’s minds, it turns them into raving lunatics at the very smell of it and they live only for one thing, to acquire more and more of the filthy stuff. They say "money is power" well yes it is, to those that feel powerless without it. It is the carrot that turns decent men into delirious donkeys. But it makes the world go round.
    I detest money and those that cheat, lie and steal just to gain more of it. Your own country Kate has been stripped and still is being stripped of it’s own wealth and resources that should be used to build a great and prosperous nation. Instead look what greed has done to to it, look at the poor and desolate people of the world and tell them that "being poor is a frame of mind". But it makes the world go round.
    I have enough money to satisfy my needs and exist in my own chosen fashion, I have never felt the urge or desire to gain copious amounts of it. There exists an abundance of wealth in the world for all to share, so let’s share it.
    Deep peace to you and yours Kate.

  5. Cindy

    I’ve always thought you can be quite miserable on millions and very happy on much less or vice versa.  My state of contentment has always depended more on how loved I feel than how much money I have in the bank.

  6. Cindy

    I’ve always thought you can be quite miserable on millions and very happy on much less or vice versa.  My state of contentment has always depended more on how loved I feel than how much money I have in the bank.

  7. Cindy

    I’ve always thought you can be quite miserable on millions and very happy on much less or vice versa.  My state of contentment has always depended more on how loved I feel than how much money I have in the bank.

  8. Cindy

    I’ve always thought you can be quite miserable on millions and very happy on much less or vice versa.  My state of contentment has always depended more on how loved I feel than how much money I have in the bank.

  9. Suki x

    hi kate
    I am the richest person in the world, I have everything I could ever want, a warm and loveing family and and exteded family to cousins and second cousins aunts and great aunts, ooooops no I am the great aunt!! lol.   We have just been to a Christening, there were over 50 people in attendance, the vicar said how pleased she was to Christen another member of this ever expanding family, love the life your are in and count your blessings
    Love Suki x

  10. swamp

    Morning Kate. Glad you liked the pictures; this new toy is certainly making me explore more. Not a bad thing. The fungus? No idea if it’s edible, or what it’s called, but it certainly begged for its portrait to be taken.
    Enjoy the rest of the day   🙂

  11. Mei's

    I’m the poor one in my family, but it’s enough to pass my day I hope, ha! I’ve a big family, they all love me I know, but they all fear of my bipolar! But my own family my hubby, father in-law, they love me too, too much, they understand me more than my own family dad sides, just my daughter are the pain at this age of her, do me no good for my bipolar.
    And me, I’m a happy happy with most the things around me, but sometimes I have this bipolar friends visit me, I won’t be that happy! And family member better be careful with their mouth! Well, Kate, I don’t know will this post can have a corner to squeeze in here.

  12. Peter

    Kenny is spot on in his comments – the things people do for money are extreme … nite to have a little, just to get by on, rather than setting out to control people’s lives with it. Sadly we are all slave to it though in some way or another.

  13. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    Very interesting reading !
    When I was younger, I read and try to thouroughly study the power of the mind and thinking. The Power of Positive Thinking by Hill and Bring out the magic in your mind by Al Koran, if I remember well. And a lot of other Titles.  When I was in South Africa, I also read something from the Scientology etc etc.
    My personal finding is that we can activate events by thinking, believing and doing some efforts to get things done.  BUT there are so many other events created by others that do not help my own efforts. There are clash of personality, clash of interest, and specially must have a good face to present to others !
    I wrote a blog that Life is like Computer Programming.  There are lots of crashes and compatibility issues in life !  Finally, I think we must be from a good source, highly educated and learned, be at the right place at the right to be exceptionally successful in life.
    If I win the LOTO jackpot, i will have a different view probably !
    Kate, keep entertaining and teach us.
    Judex. XXXXX

  14. LAIRD

    I was fascinated to see some of the replies, which was one reason I did nt weigh in with my twopennyworth earlier.
     Money IS NOT the root of all evil. It is the LOVE of money that is at the root of the ills in modern society.  It would totally pointless Joe Soap in Harare having £20000 if today it won’t buy a loaf of bread or tomorrow a crust! Money is seen as a way to get status – to get power. Power over your neighbour, with a bigger car, newer disposal unit ect. We have seen in the USA and Zimbabwe how money gives you political power. Desire for money and status is only bad when people do bad things in order to obtain what they desire. I see money, and the need to aquire more of it, is equated to ‘poorness’ and ‘richness.’ Yet another fallacy. In 1992 I was paid 10 times what my father earned in 1962. Does that make him poor and me rich? He could afford to give his family an annual holiday – a luxery not many of the families in our street could emulate – did that make us rich and them poor?
    Like Kenny I can ‘pay my way’ as my parents would have said. Unlike him I do not dislike money – only the people who exploit the lives of other’s with the power that financial  monopoly gives them.

  15. Coffee With Kate

    Very smart thinking there Laird and yes you are correct in what you say. Money is not evil. People do evil things. Money does not care who owns it or does not own it. It cares not whether you are big, short, fat, ugly, male or female. It is merely a compilation of numbers.
    Money is not the rout of all evil, that is a personality trait. If you do your research you will find that many of the world’s richest people are great philanthropists; they just don’t boast about it.

  16. Kenneth

    Money per-se, generates LOVE for money and in so doing spawns evil, directly or indirectly money remains the root. 

  17. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Interesting topic!.  I believe that one is "financially responsible" for self! I was raised not to be extravagant; I choose the things that are important to me and spend my money accordingly.  I am comfortable and feel that I can live with the resources I have. I worked diligently during my working years and am satisfied with what I have reaped. Am I wealthy…, can I live without fear of being able to take care of myself……yes.  I never had the desire to win the lotto primarily because there were a lot of other people who need the money more than I do. What is important to me is that I not be "wanting."  Bittersweet

  18. Isabelle

    I use to think that money was not essential to life and I thought that I just need the minimum to have a happy life as far as I had loved ones nearby.
    Now that I’ve grown older, all my focus is to make money for my child.
    I don’t think I will teach him the love of money but rather to make sure to have plenty of it and make good use of it.
    I just hope it will work.


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