Oldest DNA ever recorded shows warmer planet

While browsing through world news papers I find this article related to global warming  which I found interesting and thought some of you might too so here it is….. 

Washington – Scientists probed two kilometres through a Greenland glacier to recover the oldest plant DNA on record and discovered that the planet was warmer than believed during the last Ice Age, according to a study released on Thursday.
DNA of trees, plants and insects including butterflies and spiders from beneath the southern Greenland glacier was estimated to date to 450 000 to 900 000 years ago, the remnants of a boreal forest that existed before the Earth cooled.
That sharply altered the previous view that a boreal forest existed in Greenland only as recently as 2,4 million years ago, according to a summary of the study, which is published on Thursday in the journal Science.
The samples suggest the temperature probably reached 10°C in the summer and -17° C in the winter.
They also indicated that during the last period between ice ages, 116 000-130 000 years ago, when temperatures were on average 5°C higher than now, the glaciers on Greenland did not completely melt away.
"These findings allow us to make a more accurate environmental reconstruction of the time period from which these samples were taken," said Martin Sharp, a glaciologist at the University of Alberta, Canada, and a co-author of the paper.
"What we’ve learned is that this part of the world was significantly warmer than most people thought." – Sapa-AFP

2 thoughts on “Oldest DNA ever recorded shows warmer planet

  1. Kenneth

    Sounds like Greenland would have made a great holiday destination 500,000 years ago, forests of pine, elder, spruce and yew trees, with butterflies fluttering through the branches. I would like to think it would have been a perfect place to do a spot of fishing.
    RE: the rise in sea levels during the last interglacial period… it was interesting to note that Eric Wolf of the British Antarctic Survey, said,
    "This may mean that scientists have underestimated the stability of the Greenland ice sheet and not dramatic enough about the what is happening to Antarctica"
    Have a ice free weekend Kate, unless you are putting it in a glass.
    Take care  Kenny 🙂

  2. Suki x

    Hi Kate
    Does this mean a) it’s all happened before?   b) We will survive?   c) It’s not our fault?
    Suki x
    Cheers all Ice in a glass for me please xxxxxxxxxxx


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