No Lunch Today

A storm has moved in, the sea is magnificent in its turbulence, the colour deep steel grey interspersed with furiously dancing peaked white waves; it has started to rain too, actually it is thundering down with heavy rain. .
We can’t do lunch today. ‘Granny Rita’ who is heading for her eighty’s takes to the 100 odd steps down the cliff edge to Clifton House with the ease of a duck on water. However going back up after a protracted and splendid meal is another story. But that will not be happening today. I would not want her bracing the storm in her trek back up the steps to where her car will be parked. With the weather as it is today, that would be most unwise.
Speaking of where her car is parked rekindles a memory. When I upgraded to my new Mercedes Benz I donated my previous car to Granny Rita whose car at the time was just a bucket of metallic trouble. I presented the keys to her in a little box, when she opened it I thought we would have to scrape her up from the floor. She was overjoyed and in shock at the same time.
She loves the car and drives like the wind. I am not sure if I have done her a favour for one of these days I expect to receive a call from the authorities to inform me that they have just apprehended a “granny” for speeding and possibly reckless road rage driving too.
But that’s Granny Rita; no controlling this individual who sits in constant criticism of the world; condemns every one not in agreement with her point of view, but if you take the time to listen you will see that deep down she is just a person with a big heart in need of love and acceptance. So accept her I do warts and all.
In conclusion….Granny Rita is not my maternal Grandmother, just a wonderful person that I respect and accept in that role.

3 thoughts on “No Lunch Today

  1. Kenneth

    no controlling this individual who sits in constant criticism of the world; condemns every one not in agreement with her point of view,
    Mmmmm… those words reminds me of someone.
    We are experiencing some thunder and lightning here also, with some local flooding nothing spectacular as the media would have us believe.
    There has been "real" torrential downpours leading to great loss of life in Karachi, now that is real rain.
    Please say hello to Granny Rita, and give yourself a big hug from me.
    Invisible "fu dogs" Mmmmm..  interesting…

  2. LAIRD

    Since june 15th over 10 million people had been affected and 403,000 relocated,more than 20,000 houses  destroyed, 59,000 damaged. 49 dead and 23 missing.  547,000 hectares of farmland under water. Now thats real rain – where? – In central and South west China.
    I sympathise with Granny Rita –  to have all the answers and no one listens ! She should start a blog !

  3. Kenneth

    Personaly I would measure the severity of a floods destruction by loss of life…houses can be rebuilt, roads can be replaced and crops can be replanted.
    Loss of life in Karachi = over 200 and rising.
       "    "    "  "  Central and South west China = 49.
    I rest my case, my £aird.


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