Make the most of British strawberries

All my lovely U.K. friends can celebrate the glory of the strawberry by making the most of the home-grown varieties that should be filling the fields and shelves this month. When one tastes the summer enriched strawberry it reminds us just how poor those air-mile-ridden, forced products of February really are when compared to the seasonal class of British strawberries in June.
And did you know :A strawberry is a ‘false’ fruit. The yellow seeds that adorn the outer ‘berry’ are the fruit of the plant, while the ‘berry’ as we know it is merely an enlarged receptacle for the fruits, similar to the white cone left behind on the plant after picking a raspberry. During Wimbledon fortnight, spectators indulge in approximately 28,000kg/62,000lbs of strawberries!
I wish you all a very good week-end.

3 thoughts on “Make the most of British strawberries

  1. jason

    oooo,love my local fruit market, cheap strawberries galore, they never keep so i eat them all up at the weekend, yum yum

  2. LAIRD

    I imagine our weather is nt helping produce a bumper yield this year. I prefer the much underated gooseberry – whoever heard of a strawberry crumble? The only Strawberry Fools are the tourists at wimbledon! Have a pleasant weekend and keep the coffee on the boil!

  3. Kenneth

    Hi Kate.         
                Yes strawberries and cream  makes my mouth water just thinking about it, or even a strawberry crumble that the good £ has never heard of.
    Raining cats and dogs here today, hope I do nt
     get flooded out, as if…
    big warm hugs from  Kenny


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