Some Earth News

As some of you already know, seismology is one of my interests. Mother Earth has been extremely active for some time now and by way of interest I thought I would jot down just what has happened over the past few days. This is a tiny example of what is happening around the world on a daily basis which we are mostly unaware of as the tremors’ may not be close to where we individually live. I hope you find it as interesting as it fascinates me. I will jot down purely what has transpired since Thursday, which is as follows.

Thursday:         Southeast of Easter Island         5.7mw

                        New Britain Region                   6.0mw

Friday:              Lake Albert Congo Region         5.9mw

Saturday:          Molucca Sea                            5.9mw

                        Solomon Islands                      5.7mw

                        South East Indian Ridge            5.7mw

                        Central Alaska                         4.8mw

Sunday             Papua Indonesia                       5.7mw

                        Island of Hawaii                        5.1mw

Monday           Southeast Indian Ridge               5.2mw

                      New Ireland Region                    6.1mw




3 thoughts on “Some Earth News

  1. LAIRD

    I was about to type one of my throwaway comments when I realised that because the UK is not mentioned, statistically we are due to be on the list fairly soon. It must be 5 years ago since the earth moved for me . . . .


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