Health snippets-Stress Busters

Foods such as walnuts, almonds, coconut, pears, apples (cooked if possible),
milk, and fresh cheeses such as ricotta are natural stress busters.

6 thoughts on “Health snippets-Stress Busters

  1. LAIRD

    Do I casserole or roast the dry ingredients ? Hope you had a pleasant holiday and that your weekend is good. 

  2. Peter

    Hi KateGood to hear from you and sounds like you had a good break !Here the election has been marred by spoiled voting papers and sadly, not as big a swing to the SNP as many would have liked. At least the LibDem in my old stomping ground of Roxburgh & Berwichshire has been deposed (albeit by a conservative) .. so that’s reason enough to celebrate .. one in the eye against those FibDems. .. the whole thing is a bit of a mess we won’t have cause to come over all superior in comments when someone else gets their election mixed up next time …Pleased to see Alex Salmond get in to the Scottish Parliament – I think Holyrood needs his robust nature of debate & issue raising … so whatever happens, the next 4 years should be more lively than the last.Other than that, the weekend is just around the corner, so time to relax too .. oh . if there were just a few lions here … what a pity we have to turn on Discovery or NatGeo to see them …Have a good weekend,Peter

  3. Mei's

    Hello Kate, thanks for the visit and your comment, sounds you did have fun last week, another weekend coming, hope you have a nice relaxing break this time. Mei

  4. Agent Silver

    The only problem is it stresses my missus out if I go near the kitchen, I am a really messy cook, and think you should clear after eating, where as Claud cleans before eating…opposites attract…I live on stress, thats why I sell and manage
    Oh, going to the gym is also good for stress busting

  5. Rog

    I love walnuts and have a huge walnut tree in my garden; the bloody squirrels beat me to it every year! Now they are ganging up on me, I egt 3 or 4 out of a whole tree full, greedy buggers! I bet they aint stressed out? hehehe glad you liked the pumpkin story, I thought it was BRILLIANT! Ha!
    Anyway nice to hear from you and  hope you will be back for some more?
    Nice site by the way, I shall peruse further.


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