Britain: Beyond the Ordinary

And today, a snippet for the foodlovers: Just a few hours drive outside of London, the northern region of England is a paradise for “foodies”, offering a plentiful bounty of rare delicacies from artisan producers and family farms.
Yorkshire’s Castle Howard boasts not only royal pedigree, but also a working farm with specialty products ranging from traditionally reared Aberdeen Angus to locally made pickles and cheeses, all available in its lovely farm shop. In the Lake District, Peter Gott farms rare-breed pigs and produces air dried salami made of wild boar, as well as delightful meat pies, dry cured bacon and traditional Cumberland sausage.
In nearby Morecambe, Lancashire, a long-time favourite among the Victorians; Morecambe Bay potted shrimp, is still produced by hand.
England’s North County is the perfect place to explore the culinary magic that takes place when a meal’s journey from farm to table is only a few paces.

11 thoughts on “Britain: Beyond the Ordinary

  1. Kenneth

    Good Morning Kate.
                                    Castle Howard I have not been there for years and so I think I shall be visiting this beautiful place again soon.
    My dear Kate how can you mention "yorkshire food" without a word about the mouth watering and wonderful, Yorkshire pudding Sunday dinner is just not Sunday dinner without a couple of light and crispy Yorkshire pud’s.
    Over cast today with some light rain forcast. Thankyou for the coffee Kate, for some unknown reason it tastes much better than yesterdays.
    Cheery by for now.

  2. Mei's

    Morning MISS, I’m only joking, no need to give me extra home work Miss!!! I’m still don’t understand you latest comment, my English can’t cope with big word, really! Thanks anyway, I will try on hubby and daughter, hope they can help!!!! Mei

  3. Peter

    Hi KateI prefer some wild boar myself … and there’s enough of them wandering around these days !One thing you forgot to mention – fish & chips .. entirely unhealthy of course, but Newcastle has some of the finest .. ah, now you have me thinking of Ayrshire round bacon .. .now ..THAT is bacon ! .. and some melted cheddar cheese .. or red leicester …Hope you are having a great day Kate, and all your readers too !Peter Cherbi

  4. LAIRD

    Come Come, yorkshire pudding???? What about LANCASHIRE HOTPOT, Tripe and onions, Bury black pudding, Lancashire Cheese, Manchester Tart and Eccles Cakes. What would a Scotsman know about fish and chips? Blackpool and Bridlington have the best Fish and chip shops in the WORLD. Who north of the trent would want plastic chedder when there is Stilton Cheese? Melton Mowbray pork pies are a delacacy [?] not to be missed. Most bores wander the land enclosed by the M25, but if you visit england sample the gastronomic wonders of the midlands, the north and, if you must, deer Scotland and see weed in Wales!

  5. Kenneth

    When a man is tired of Yorkshire Pudding, he is tired of life… I feed "tripe" to my dogs. Many "pork pies" are made from the sweepings up from the butchers floor, a delicacy indeed, and regarding "LANCASHIRE POTROT", you can keep it, give me a plate of pigs trotters anytime, followed by a good sized chunk of
    "Wensleydale" cheese washed down with a pint of "Theakstons" best bitter, "buy the eck lad" I’m feeling hungry again. 

  6. Mei's

    My hubby and daughter love the tripe, and the dog of course! Hubby brought the tripe from the abattoir, it’s a lot of work, but they loves it, I cooked in with some Chinese spices, its very popular in Hong Kong. Yummy!!! Mei

  7. Coffee With Kate

    Well I am on the floor laughing at the comments penned by the Laird & Kenny. More please you two.

  8. meg

    Hmmm- as a poor, deprived Colonial, I am unfamiliar with the nature of these delicacies, but am more than willing to travel onward to sample them 🙂
    I also enjoyed the essay on aging- particularly since I am turning over my "Life Odometer" this week to the ripe old age of *gasp* 44.


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