Sage and Onion Mash -The joy of food

April and the Easter festivities brought family, friends and loads of entertaining to Clifton House. The weather has been magnificent, the days balmy, the sunsets awesome as can be seen from the photographs included. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break. I do look forward to getting around to all my fellow bloggers pages to catch up where I last left off.

In my last project I shared information on 15 wonderful herbs, covering briefly their nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Following up on this theme I thought it might be worthwhile sharing a few recipes which include the use of some of the herbs discussed. With that in mind I thought the following recipe which involves potatoes and sage would be nice to share.

Food to me is a joy; something that is not only necessary for life but also a wonderful way to share, and to bring people together to around the table to share special moments.


Sage and Onion Mash

Prepare a quantity of hot mash

Chop 1 onion and sauté in a little oil until golden brown.

Blanch about 10 sage leaves by pouring some boiling water over the leaves which helps to release the volatile oils, dry them and chop finely.

Stir the sage and onion into the hot mash and serve with fish, sausages, chicken……


5 thoughts on “Sage and Onion Mash -The joy of food

  1. Suki x

    This sounds delishous,  will definatly try,it is these little additions of hebs and spices that add that special flavout to a meal.   there is nothing nicer than sharing food and wine with friends, good conversation and a warm atmosphear
    Glad you had a god Easter
    love Suki x

  2. Mei's

    Hello Kate, thank you for the visit and your comment, please to know you had a lovely Easter break with your friends and family, I used to love cooking for a few friends and our children not so long ago, we had a lot fun times in those days! Do you like Cantonese dishes? Love to hear from you again! Have a nice week. Mei

  3. Johnny The Legend

    mmmm.. feed me 🙂
    I’m on a health kick at the moment – there’s only so much turkey a man should ever eat.

  4. swamp

    Morning Kate. Superb pictures. That really is some view to wake up to. Especially over a good cofee.
    An easy receipe to start. 🙂 Something even I could manage, in my clumsy way.
    Bit dull here today
    Have a good Tuesday 🙂

  5. LAIRD

    Welcome back from your easter break. Sounds like a wonderful time, the castle was somewhat quieter. I look forward to the receipes. As I mentioned earlier – the Bobotie was excellent.


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