Rosemary-healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

Number twelve on the list today is Rosemary, another herb that originates from the Mediterranean region, and it is the cooks of Italy, Southern France and Spain who use rosemary to best advantage. Rosemary comes quickly to mind when one thinks of roasted meats, its pungent aroma fills the kitchen when one opens the oven door on rosemary-scented roast lamb.

12. ROSEMARY – Rosemary is one of the richer herbal sources of antioxidants, which have been shown to prevent cataracts, and contains 19 chemicals with antibacterial action that help fight infection. Traditionally used to ease asthma, this common culinary ingredient has volatile oils that can reduce the airway constriction induced by histamine, that chemical culprit of asthma and other allergy symptoms. Herbalists think that rosemary may also help ease breast pain by acting as a natural drying agent to fluid filled cysts.

Rosemary also pairs well with fish, bread, and beans in soups or purees, and is an essential part of a soffrito, the base of so many stews and braises produced in Italian and Spanish kitchens. Finely chopped needles of rosemary can be incorporated into bread and pizza dough.

Rosemary goes with: bread, chicken, dried beans, fish, garlic, kid, lamb, olive oil, onions, parsley, pine nuts, pork, potatoes, rabbit, tomatoes, yohgurt


4 thoughts on “Rosemary-healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

  1. Monica

    Good Morning Kate !! Our coffee maker broke this morning and we had no coffee until we got on the road and stopped at the local Cheveron station to get a cup. Then it happened to be weak as hell !!! Yuck !! I need a good strong cup o’ ….so I thought I’d pop over to say good morning and learn more about those spices and herbs……;o)
    Hope you are having a good week, We finally have some sunshine and I am getting my morning walks in. !!
    Gotta go now………..gotta get a good cup o’ coffee ……….:o)
    xo Moni xo

  2. Rob

    Hey Kate, sorry its been so long, Winter does strange things to me lol
    It takes me a while to get over the pit of despair called Christmas, its not the Happy place i loved as a child anymore =(
    My mouth is watering, hmmmmmmmmmm Roast Lamb and Rosemary, ooh i’m feeling warm all over
    Haven’t touched my blog since November but i knew i had to pay a visit and raise my cup of coffee with respect to you
    Hope all is well, i reached 33 years of age this February as i look back at the wasted years i have few regrets, only desire to make the coming years a lot more fruitful, and i know your words of wisdom are going to be stepping stones for me on my path into the wilderness, thanks for always having good words to say and comfort and joy that transpires through the pages of your blog =)
    love Rob x

  3. swamp

    Morning Kate. A point delivered, while I finish this coffee.
    Is Rosemary the herb you can put on a BBQ, to keep the flying insects away? I’m sure I read that somewhere once.
    Have a good Wednesday. 🙂

  4. Kenneth

    Good morning Kate.
     Ah yes Rosemary, it is said that, "where rosemary flourishes the woman ruels", well i dont know about that, but it is a fine herb that goes great with lamb and chicken and also it is one of the oldest recorded herbs in history.
    I just adore the smell, rosemarinus   "Dew of the sea"…..thankyou for the coffee Kate , shall pop by again soon. 
    Be good. 🙂    


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