Parsley-healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

And number eleven on the list of herbs and spices to day is the truly amazing herb parsley, another herb from the rocky shores of the Mediterranean renowned for its medicinal qualities. It is an all-time favourite in the herb garden and one that most cooks would find hardest to do without. Newly picked young sprigs of parsley have the scent of a garden just after the rain. I like to toss newly picked parsley in the salad bowl along with other choice leaves. Parsley is used in just about every savoury dish in the world.

11. PARSLEY – Diuretic herbs such as parsley prevent problems such as kidney stones and bladder infections and keep our body’s plumbing running smoothly by causing it to produce more urine. They also relieve bloating during menstruation. Parsley on the edge of the diner plate, its not just there for fancy decoration; it’s also an effective breath freshener because it contains high levels of chlorophyll. This herb has been used through the centuries as a diuretic herb, for the treatment of gout, arthritis, and rheumatism, cystitis, fever, delayed menstruation, flatulence, nausea, ‘liverishness’ and the control of blood pressure. This herb is a plus for men too who suffer with prostrate problems, bloating and painful bladder infections. A mere half cup of chopped fresh parsley contains more beta carotene than 2 large carrots, more vitamin C than 2 large oranges and 20 times more iron than one serving of liver. Parsley even has 10 times more calcium than a cup of milk. It is also recommended to treat or prevent hair loss and plaque formation.

Parsley goes with: anchovies, artichokes, beans, butter, cheese, chervil, chickpeas, chicken, chives, cream, cumin, eggs, fish, garlic, ham, lemons, lentils, mint, olive oil, pasta, pepper, pine nuts, radishes, salad leaves, tarragon, zucchini but to name a few.

Parsley can be sipped as an infusion for ailments. 1-2 cups of parsley tea sipped through-out the day will bring swift relief. To make the tea use ¼ cup fresh leaves. Pour over one cup of boiling water. Stand for five minutes to infuse, strain and sip slowly.


6 thoughts on “Parsley-healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

  1. Kenneth

    Now you are cooking Kate, Parsley, just where would we be without it, a mansized portion of north Atlantic Cod gently poached served with new potatos and a parsley sauce, NOT masking the fish but placed carefully around it, as if both were in a warm embrace.
    I can smell fish.
    Parsley tea, Mmmmmmn  not sure about that, think I shall stick with your coffee Kate, sooooooo  nice.

  2. swamp

    Morning Kate. Parsley must be one of the most popular herbs going. A great little plant, with a multidude of uses; a must in the kitchen, or swamp.
    Your description of your weekend view, sounded idyllic.
    A point for yesterday. Hope Tuesday is a good one for you. 🙂

  3. LAIRD

    Fish and chips remains the British favourite take-away with 255 million meals sold every year. Before the fish stocks became depleted this cheap,simple meal was staple to millions of working class folk. The forecast is warmer but I shall refrain from planting in the garden until after easter – folklore from my rural relatives.


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