Oregano & Majoram-healing herbs for your kitchen

The discussion to day is about oregano and majoram; the names are very confusing but put simply, oregano is the wild form of marjoram, of which there are a number of species, including pot and sweet marjoram. If someone gives you a present of freshly cut sweet majoram or oregano, store it in a paper-lined plastic bag in the refrigerator where it will keep for weeks. It is this herb that gives the distinctive flavour to many barbecued Greek dishes and Oregano is also an integral part of herbs de Provence in France

10. OREGANOOregano contains at least four compounds that soothe coughs and 19 chemicals with antibacterial action that may help reduce body odour. The ingredients in oregano that soothe coughs may also help un-knot muscles in the digestive tract, making oregano a digestive aid. This familiar spice also contains compounds that can lower blood pressure too.

Oregano and majoram go with: chicken, dried beans, eggplant, eggs, grilled fish, kid, lamb, lemons, olives, rice, sweet peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes, white cheeses


4 thoughts on “Oregano & Majoram-healing herbs for your kitchen

  1. LAIRD

    Thanks for the rays of SA sunshine for a cold drab day here in England. I will dispense with the rosemary and put some marjoram on my weekend NZ roast lamb.

  2. Monica

    I’ve used oregano many many times but never knew what marjoram was for….Thanks for the tip ….. Have a great weekend :o)
    What blend of coffee are you serving up this weekend ??? I am looking forward for my starbuck’s treat tomorrow…
    Chow for now…………….xo Moni

  3. swamp

    Morning Kate. Not had oregano as far as I know, I’m not very adventurous with my eating habits. Maybe I should experiment more.
    I’ll leave your point here, while I finish this coffee.
    More nonsense tomorrow, so enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

  4. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Good morning,
    This looks like a fascinating site.  I love cooking, herbs, poetry etc.  So I know I will be back when I have the time to thoroughly enjoy your site.  Do have a wonderful day.     Bittersweet     upstate New York


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