Garlic – healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

Today hot on our list of healing herbs and spices is garlic.I love garlic and use it almost every day. some people avoid garlic because they are afraid it may linger on the breath. Good fresh garlic and good oral hygiene should prevent that concern….

7. Garlic

Garlic has been used since ancient times for it antibiotic properties. When intact garlic cloves contain an odourless, sulphur-containing amino acid called alliin. When the garlic is crushed, alliin becomes allicin.

Research show that allicin helps lower  cholesterol and blood pressure and helps prevent blood clots. Garlic can also reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Compounds in this familiar bulb kill many orgnisms, including bacteria and viruses that cause earache, flu, and colds. Research indicates that garlic is also effective against digestive ailments and diarrhoea, purifies the blood and may even help prevent cancer.

Its strong and pervasive aroma diminishes with cooking, giving way to a gentler, sweet flavour.

Garlic goes with: basil, bread, butter, eggs, fennel, fish, goats cheese, lamb, lemon, olive oil, parsley, pasta, pine nuts, pork, potatoes, poultry, rosemary, saffron, shellfish, snails, sorrel, spinach, veal.


8 thoughts on “Garlic – healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

  1. Monica

    good Morning Kate !! Wow, I am loving all this wonderful information………I don’t have to pick up a book now and look things up, it is all right here on your space……….I hope you are having a lovely week…….
    Take care, and thanks …:O)
    Moni xo

  2. Kenneth

    Living but a few short miles from Whitby were it is alledged Dracula first landed on his arrival into England, I have always had a string of garlic doves hanging above my head next to the dreamcatcher.
    An asprin and a dove of garlic per day, your heart will not attack you, nor shall vampiers.

  3. me

    hate garlic, but loved the pics on your space, esp the roses. And the sea and the elephants lol.
    hi kate, as usual i peek here and there, but in no conseq order. Looks like its time to party, so says the pig lol.


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