Fennel-Healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

 Number 6 on the list of healing herbs is the much overlooked fennel. 

6. Fennel

Rich in volatile oils, fennel is what is know as a carminative herb, easing bloating, gas pains, and digestive spasms in the small and large intestines. Fennel can also reduce breath and body odour that originates in the intestines. Women who are breast feeding may find that fennel, which works in a similar way to the body’s hormones, increases milk flow. Also reputed to aid; respiratory ailments, inflamed eyes, and slimming.

Fennel goes with: almonds, anchovies, artichokes, butter, capers, chicken, chicken stock, chillies, cream, eggs, fish, garlic, goats cheese, ham, lemons, mushroom, olive oil, olives, oranges, parmesan cheese, pasta, pepper, pernod, pork, potatoes, radicchio, rice, rocket, salt, tomatoes, walnuts, watercress.


5 thoughts on “Fennel-Healing herbs & spices for your kitchen

  1. swamp

    Morning Kate. I think I grew some Fennel a few years ago, and if I’m not confusing it with something else, it grew to a very large size. Over six foot. A striking plant indeed.
    Your description of the whales, and the sun rise; idyllic. That is some view to be greeted with in the morning.
    Have a good Monday

  2. Tootsie

    **Tootsie enters and pulls up a chair**
    Evening Kate **waves**   Just thought I’d pop in for that coffe you offered me ;o)) So sorry that it’s taken me so long to accept your invite but I’ve been soooooo busy………..anyway, enough babbling from me………make mine a cappucino please and I’ve brought some flapjacks for us to share.
    hugs Tootsie
    ps my mum always used cloves in her apple pie………..yummmmm!!

  3. swamp

    Morning Kate. Coffee tastes good this morning.
    Not a number one today, and much easier.
    Have a good Tuesday

  4. Kenneth

    Morning  Kate, its freezing here this morning snow all over the place, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, a hot spicy drink would be a good idea i think, or a cup of your delicious hot coffee to warm my hands around.
    have a good day .

  5. Monica

    Hmmm.  looks like I may be adding some fennel to my daily intake……..Interesting information indeed.
    Thanks Kate………..:o) xo


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