When we blame, we give away our power

People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives. ALL of our personal physical, psychological, and social problems arise from a lack of alignment between the body, emotions, mind and the soul. As a result, we are never victims of outside forces.  The soul challenges us to grow though adversity, learning from your own as well as through that of others.

No matter how frustrated you may feel, there is Always a way out. In every situation that arises, we choose to be powerful or powerless. It may not always feel like it, but it is a choice. And there are consequences for these choices in terms of the results we get, and the subsequent increase or decrease in our power and influence. If we choose powerlessness, it is often because we doubt there is any other option.


8 thoughts on “When we blame, we give away our power

  1. swamp

    Morning Kate. I was so relaxed, I forgot to get up, so I’m a little behind with everything today. Never mind, the sun is shining, so the day can only be a good one.
    No point for the riddle thing, the ‘favourites’ won with footsteps. Something different today.
    Have a good Thursday.

  2. swamp

    Morning Kate; this coffee tastes good.
    Yay for you indeed, a point for the sunny answer, and it’s still shining here today. Hope it lasts.
    Have a good Friday. 🙂

  3. Mark

    Its very kind of you to reference my webspace on here Kate. Please could you amend the link as I have deleted the previous space and built this new one that showcases my writing only. The last site was not quite right. I have added you as a friend and will gladly do that for fellow writers. Regards, Mark

  4. Kenneth

    I feel there exists a golden thread of truth running through these words, yet as it passes through the word "soul" it becomes very thin indeed, I also feel that the extravagant use of this word to describe something that dose or dose not exist, belittles the honesty and true meaning of this blog.
    We do not need or require a soul to challenge us to rise above adversity, we only need to recognise the consequences if we do’nt rise above it, " total collapse into a sea of misery and despair" this, I have found to be the stimulus (needed by some) to act and learn from it.
    I shall be watching  MIDDLESBROUGH   V    MAN-U  tomorrow in the league cup.   ( I predict a riot )
    have a great weekend yourself Kate.
                                                                 Take care  Kenny.

  5. LAIRD

    Really Kenny it is the FA CUP. I thought that the coffee morning had already established that the soul was the centre of an individual’s existance. The fact that some sell it to the highest bidder [!] It is not the soul that drags one into the pit of despair, and when you are drowning there comes a time when death feels the better of two evils. 

  6. Kenneth

    "Congratulations" £aird, spotting the "deliberate" mistake, prooving me correct  believing you would comment, "Well he would say that woudn’t he" I here you say,  but it is true, knowing you enjoy watching the beautiful game as I do myself.  M.bro. 3    Man u.  2      I hope.

  7. Crazzy

    Thanks for the visit! I’m always thrilled to see new faces drop by! I love this entry. You are so right.
    People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives.
    It’s remarkable how you used so few words to back up this statement yet your point is so powerfully conveyed. I shared some similiar views about this as well but in a slightly different context. Read my blogs, Complain too much? This one’s for all you attention seekers (like me) and Contaminated courtesy and robbed respect: how giving into certain others could mean giving up on what’s most important- YOURSELF, comment on them and let me know what you think (btw, you’d be the first one to comment on the 2nd one if you choose to read it believe it or not). The titles speak for themselves but they too touch on the fact that feeling powerful over powerless are both a state of mind and it’s what you choose to do with it that makes the difference between living your life in the gutter or living your life to the fullest. And obviously a powerful state of mind is the way to go.
    Keep up the wonderful and inspiring blog writing. I will be revisiting for sure! 🙂
    You’re welcomed to check out my space anytime you’d like.

  8. crackpot

    hello kate that was just what i needed to read, wonderful thank you, just going through some wobbly times needed that inspiration, thank you. I have just logged on today so need to create a space yet and find out how. I was born in Cape town, milnerton 1963 lived there 8 years come over regularly for holidays to see my cousins there and my sister in pretoria, i live in england yorkshire now.
    your space is really fab i love it, it stopped me ironing just had to keep reading
    ta muchly
    leisha x


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