A fresh look at…….

Carrots according to folklore are therapeutic against nervousness, asthma, dropsy and especially skin disorders.

But some interesting facts and a most thrilling aspect of carrots is their enormous promise in curtailing some of the most virulent, incurable cancers, notably of the lung and pancreas.

Studies show that that an intake of modest amounts of carrots and especially the beta carotene in carrots may retard cancer progression as well as disrupt the cancer mechanism that first turns cells into growing malignancies.

With amazing regularity, carrots turn up in studies pinpointing special foods that ward off cancer. For example, a well constructed 1986 Swedish study designated carrots as one of two prominent dietary barriers to pancreatic cancer, a particularly dangerous smoking related tumour. Eating carrots almost daily substantially trimmed the chances of cancer of the pancreas.

The research tying beta carotene vegetables and fruits to less lung cancer is formidable and extensive. Ten of the eleven international dietary surveys document that people who eat the least carrots and other beta carotene foods are more likely to develop lung cancer. It was determined that individuals with the lowest blood levels of beta carotene compared to those with the most were four times more likely a decade later to develop squamous cell carcinoma of the lung, the most common cancer due to cigarette smoking.

Similarly, a State University of New York found that men eating the most high carotene foods, including carrots, were about half as likely to develop squamous cell lung cancer. They figured that the daily difference in beta carotene between the high risk and low risk lung cancer candidates is contained in one carrot! Eating just an extra carrot a day might prevent the enormous amount of lung cancer deaths annually. Even after years of smoking, carrots may ameliorate the cancer threat by retarding the disease process.


3 thoughts on “A fresh look at…….

  1. Kenneth

    I drink two or three carrots a day blended with other veg and fruit, scrumdiddlyumtious, so, probably wo’nt die of cancer but may come down with mixamatosis.

  2. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    This is very interesting. I eat carots everyday. I am blessed to be in a country where carots and the other vegetables are plentiful.
    A few days ago, a cyclone caused some serious damages. The vegetables prices shot up incredibly.
    When carots are not available, I buy the canned carots which obviously is not fresh.
    Sometimes I have too much of carots, and my skin turns a bit yellowish. I think it is due to the natural pigments in it.
    Cold carots juice is also very good.
    Kate, take care.
    Judex. xxxxx


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