Beer – Possible therapeutic benefits

Research indicates that a beer a day can modify blood, reducing the risk of coronary artery blockages. A half a pint of beer a day can boost beneficial HDL-type cholesterol.

Disconcerting to some, pleasing to others, evidence emerges that a little drinking may be good for your cardiovascular system. Dr Richard D Moore, assistant professor of medicine at the J0hn Hopkins University School of Medicine, recently asked twenty eight healthy men to drink a beer a day and 28 similar to abstain. Ordinarily all drank from two to four alcoholic beverages a week.

Nothing much happened to the beer drinker’s total blood cholesterol or desirable HDLs or even determined LDL-type cholesterol. But the beer drinkers showed a decided upsurge in another blood component, a protein called apolipoprotein  A-1; individuals with high levels of this apo A-1 are less likely to suffer blockages in heart arteries.

Interestingly, the non – beer drinkers saw their prospective apo A-1 levels sink slightly. Dr Moore theorized that the beer’s alcohol caused liver enzymes to make more apo A-1, and concluded that the blood changes from the beer-a-day diet ‘might lead to a reduced cardiovascular risk over time”.


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