The Rose

The Rose

From time immemorial, beloveds have been compared to roses. If we juggle the letters of the word ROSE we get EROS, who is the God of Love. Rose has thus been the traditional choice of lovers around the world. The colour red is associated with strong emotions and below are listed sentiments expressed by different hues of rose:- 

Lavender — Enchantment and Uniqueness
Orange — Fascination
Pink (Dark) — Thankfulness, Friendship and Admiration
Red — Love, Respect and Courage
Peach — Modesty, Gratitude, Admiration and Sympathy
Pink (Pale) — Grace, Joy and Happiness
Deep Red — Beauty and Passion
White — Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Silence, Reverence, Humility and (according to some sources) True Love
Yellow — Joy, Friendship, Jealousy, Hope and Freedom
Black — Farewell
Red/White — Unity or Engagement
Yellow/Orange — Passionate Thoughts
Peach — Modesty, Gratitude, Admiration and Sympathy
Pink (Pale) — Grace, Joy and Happiness
Yellow/Red — Congratulations
Rosebud — Beauty, Youth and a Heart Innocent of Love
Red Rosebud — Purity and Loveliness
White Rosebud — Girlhood
One Dozen Red Roses — "I Love You"
Single Red Rose in Full Bloom — "I Love You"
Tea Roses — "I’ll Remember Always"


10 thoughts on “The Rose

  1. Mei's

    Hi again, I was just finish my comment, then something pop up I accidentally click the wrong button, everything gone and I try to do it again and again click the "add" button this time, just got two words in, silly me. Anyway just passing by so I come in to say hi, I love the fragrance from the rose, I had a dark red one in the back garden, which is my favour, I think it need some tlc, I not very good for that. Wish you have a nice day tomorrow. Mei

  2. Peter

    Hi KateThanks for the visit, hope you have a great Valentines day tomorrow too  and something special !There is an alternative version of it, called White Day .. where only usually the girl has to buy lots of stuff for the guys … strange thing that, and can’t think of where it happens now (ahem, might give away too much on that one !)Peter

  3. Suki x

    Hi kate thanks for your very fast reaction to my blog, I think I am having a birthday week On sunday I had a Birthday lunch with Children and grandchildren.   Forced by the babes to open the present the three year old gave me a clue as to what it was he said "it is sticky" so I guessed a big can of treacle!   no it was a garden shreader.   And Wednesday to Friday we look after two G’children who are on school half term so we will be out and about – oh yes and the other two on Friday as well – well they will entertain each other! Won’t they?
    I love the language of flowers, thank you for th interpretations
    Love Suki x

  4. Greg

    I did not think about switching the letters of rose around to get ‘eros’, but so true.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow and thank you for visiting, Greg


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