Fashion Can Make You Sick

Fashions can make you sick

According to Oscar Wilde, fashion is a thing so hideous that it needs to be changed every six months. If you doubt this statement, try looking at photographs of yourself taken 20 years ago – and try not to laugh. So what did happen to that floppy hat and the hot pants?

In the days of the whalebone corsets, women could actually damage their internal organs by forcing their waists into these garments. But are those crazy days over?

But seriously, are there modern fashions that are actually detrimental to your physical health? I will not include mental health here, as insanity is presupposed in someone who decides to spend good money on certain of the fashions that have done the rounds in the last few decades.

Stepping high. High heels can permanently damage your feet. I mean HIGH. The court shoes with the 3cm heel will not land you at the chiropodist five years from now, but those 6cm stilettos could. Really high heels cause your body weight to be shifted from your heels to your front metatarsals – and they can take only so much. Some women have spent so much time on high heels, their foot muscles have shortened and they can no longer walk barefoot or in flat shoes – hence the appearance of high heel slippers. And let’s face it, if really high heels were a good idea, men would be wearing them.

Below the radar. Hipsters are currently fashionable. These tight-fitting garments can be extremely uncomfortable when you sit down for lengthy periods of time. One of the main reasons for this is that they do not catch you in a natural ‘bend’ of your body. Adequate blood circulation to and from your lower body can be hampered, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

Clawing your way to the top. Many women spend fortunes on having false nails put on. The problem is that they get stuck onto your real nails, cutting off air supply to them. Underneath the false nail there is now a hot and humid space that cannot dry out – fungal infections thrive in these spaces. And these can take months to go away.

Thin, thinner, anorexia. In the media, successful women are portrayed as being reed thin. Many young girls equate success with being as thin as possible, and set about in the unhealthiest ways to achieve this. Lack of essential nutrients can lead to long term complications and this obsession with weight loss, could result in anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Block and tackle. It is an art to move on these shoes and not everyone masters it. Should you fall or lose your balance, your ankle is a lot more restricted and weighed down than it would have been in flatter shoes. Should you fall, you are also falling from a greater height, increasing the chances of fractures and injuries.

Rings and stings. When having tattoos or piercing done, go to the professionals. Dodgy parlours could be very unhygienic and lead to serious infections. Rings protruding from your body could also catch on things, causing nasty rip injuries, so watch where you go.

The last cut. Not only will consistent bleaching or perming damage your hair severely, but there are studies that indicate that certain hair dyes, when used constantly, could lead to bladder cancer.

Plastic coated skin. Synthetic fabrics may be fashionable, but your skin cannot breathe through them. Some of them have the same effect on your skin as wrapping it in a plastic bag would have. In heat, your skin will become distressed and skin rashes and heat rashes become a distinct possibility. Wearing nylon panties can also lead to vaginal infections.

Goggle-eyed. You don’t have to spend thousands on sunglasses, but do check whether they’re from the boutique or the fleamarket at the station, what their UV protection factor (A and B) is. If the glasses have no UV protection, you could damage your eyes, as your pupils dilate in the darkness, giving the UV rays a chance to damage your unprotected eye. It is better to squint in the bright sunlight than to wear sunglasses that don’t protect your eyes.

Lighter than white. Skin lighteners are dangerous and should never be used. They can do permanent damage to the upper layers of your facial skin and cause permanent unsightly blotches. – (Susan Erasmus, Health24)


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