Are you willing to be alone?

 Ingrid Bacci says, "If you are afraid of being alone, you are dependent on others for your sense of self, and if you are dependent on others, you block your receptivity to inner guidance. Being willing to be alone involves being willing to be different, to have commitments and values that don’t blend with any crowd."


5 thoughts on “Are you willing to be alone?

  1. jason

    best to be alone sometimes, with others sometimes
    the greeks carved ‘nothing in excess’ on the walls of the delphi temple to remind us of their great wisdom
    sounding smart again lol

  2. Cee

    Hiiiiii, Kate-girl!
    Happy new year!  Hope everything is going particulary well in your section of the world.  Things are slowing down and nice, however I admit to some impatience to resume my studies.  Oh, well!  August will be here before I know it.  Love the simplicity of this post.  It’s a truth that needs no embellishment!  (grin)
    Take care, my lady!

  3. me

    Hi kate
    nothing wrong with being alone, think i’d go mad if i didn’t. Or maybe i am mad but just don’t know it, cos i am nearly always on my own lol.
    seriously though, thought provoking entry.

  4. LAIRD

    As someone who often feels alone in a crowd my recent solitary existance, whilst under a little stress, would question its desirability.  


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