In answer to a question

Hi Jason,

In answer to your question….In spirit you are as tall as you want to be. The only one concerned with your height is you and you are allowing it to control your life. Don’t! I for one could not care a zot how tall you are, it’s the ‘person’ that counts. Climb outside of the trappings and just be. Focus on the tall person within, just as you would imagine yourself to be. Who knows!…. if the ‘involvement’ in the thought  process is strong and focused enough you may well grow an inch or more. Thought becomes the thing. So beware….if you are desperately focused on your so called shortness, you may become even shorter still, albeit only in your mind.


4 thoughts on “In answer to a question

  1. me

    Jason you are definately not short!  I know, i have seen, so no more about your height if you please 🙂
    erm sorry kate it’s your space i know lol.
    hello from marie

  2. Mei's

    Hi, reading this blog reminded me my first pair of white shoe and handbag I pick when I was 11, it’s a treats from dad, he’s a chef working aboard. I loves white clothes, but I can’t wear white trousers anymore, I had a dog an English Springer Spaniel! I love him. Like your spaces and the beautiful photos.


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