Hope and disappointment

It’s precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, which sound true to life.

As a child how often did you hear this warning "Don’t get your hopes up!"  What does this say? It says that life is bound to disappoint you. It says; don’t aim high because you’re not likely to get what you want. It says that we can’t expect good things to happen to us.

As you know by now, my philosophy is that our thinking creates our reality, therefore this kind of pre-emptive ‘warning’ of “don’t get your hopes up” dooms us to a mundane existence. It’s time to change our stories. Why not focus the immense power of our hearts and minds on bringing to fruition the very best life has to offer?

Allow yourself to hope and believe in all possibilities, for hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles.

To my mind the very least we can do in our life is to figure out what we hope for. And the most we can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it.


5 thoughts on “Hope and disappointment

  1. LAIRD

    Born in a working class Manchester slum, that phrase rang out quite often, to me not as a warning but as a challenge. Like  the time I took my 11 plus and passed, the time I applied for promotion at the age of 19 and got the job. Mind you if I had nt have got my hopes up and left, I would probably be a millionaire with a whole host of maids to keep me company in the castle !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    Dad was a Drunkard and left the family too early. Mum had to worked hard to feed the family.  I spent most of my time in the fields, under the bridge and on the mountains.
    I had my hopes, beliefs and expectations. Today, I look back and compare what have happed to me and my friends. I find that many failed, a very few succeeded in more or less successful jobs.
    Those who succeeded have nicer face cuts !  I think that hopes and beliefs fuel us to do something good, but all too often, we get stuck at certain level because we have to have some additional  physical assets.
    Once, there were three girls who applied for a job. We were four to interview them.  The most beautiful girl got the job !
    A week later I resigned because I did not want to be part of such a Team work. I gave my reasons why I resigned. My resignation created a miracle ! The other two girls were called and got jobs in the company.  They suddenly found that Assistants must have Assistants to get the job done !  They started to create the statistical  " Law of Diminishing Returns " lol
    I wonder why God did not create all People beautiful !  Still we, humans, would not be satisfied, would we ?
    You know I was always revolting against injustice. I changed jobs as I changed shirts. Fortunately, for me a Rolling Stone gathers Moss !"  Acquiring experience is more important during our younger years.  Then, stability during the older years !
    Take care, Kate,

  3. jason

    Life is up and down, the intelligent thing to do is alter each situation so you get the best out of life for the least hassle.
    I appreciate the good times more because I have been through the bad times.

  4. Jazzy J

    Hi Kate. This is a very deep blog today sugar:)) I agree that we should live inside the hope:)) I shall carry that with me today:)) Sorry I haven’t been about more lately I have been so busy that I don’t know which way is up at the moment :)) and I am still thinking of six things that are weird about me:)) I’m not sure if they are weird or just plain NUTS:))) Have a great week my friend take care and lv always JJ :)))

  5. Peter

    Hi Kate !The very same phrase was said to me in 1994 … phew … taken a long time to defeat it ! .. maybe William Wallace & co had the faster approach …Peter


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