Expanding your spirit

Guest page EXPANDING YOUR SPIRIT – By Winnie

As a culture and as a world, it seems as if we have an exceptional opportunity now to expand our spiritual life. Here are three ideas about how to do this: 

1.       LET GO OF YOUR PRESENT IDEAS ABOUT AND EXPERIENCE OF GOD/SOURCE/HIGHER POWER. If you feel attached to your present experience, there’s no room for expansion. A fixed idea cannot evolve. I’ve heard that most people’s concept of God reflects their relationship with their own father. Could that be true for you? You may have a lifelong concept of God/Source/Higher Power, so the idea of letting go of it may leave you feeling somewhat untethered. Or perhaps you haven’t developed a spiritual life and don’t know where to start. Read The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck or wander around in a bookstore in the religion and personal growth sections until something calls you. Or go see the movie What the Bleep. Perhaps you’ve followed the same religious rituals all your life. Or maybe you have changed and grown in this area and have been happily following a particular blend of practices for some time. Be open to experiencing something new and wonderful. In any case, simply feel the willingness for this area of your life to expand, and then watch what happens during the next few weeks.  

2.       BREATHE. The breath symbolizes the flow of life and is a prayer in itself. It guides us into meditation and in and out of the world. Learn deep belly breathing and how to fill the upper chest. Experience the value of fully exhaling. Consider a seminar about breathing or a weekly yoga class. When in doubt, breathe.  

3.       ACCEPT AND LOVE WHAT IS. One of the gateways to expansion and a sure formula for happiness is to willingly embrace everything that’s happening in your life, while surrendering to the mystery of it all. I highly recommend Loving What Is by Byron Katie www.thework.org. Her simple but powerful methodology can transform your biggest problem in minutes and add a level of flow you may not have experienced before.  

4.       MAINTAIN YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. Laughter and lightness access the soul and the energy of life itself. Don’t take anything or anyone too seriously.  

5.       EXPAND BY GETTING SIMPLER. Over the course of my life, my experience of prayer has morphed from memorized stanzas I didn’t understand, to free-form entreaties, to silent meditation, to simply breathing. I agree with Neale Donald Walsch that every thought is a prayer and that’s led me to realize that every single thing I do is a form of prayer. So my spiritual practice has become living every day life—so much simpler than the routines and rituals I used to follow. Is there some way you might simplify your practice this month?  

6.       LET GO. If you were only allowed to use two words for your prayer, these would be the ones. Pray them often. I was once upset and in tears over some drama in my life, when I happened to see a friend on the street where I was driving. I stopped, he walked over, and without knowing any of the particulars of what was happening with me, he looked into my eyes and said, “Let go.” It was the answer I needed that day. It is always the answer. Let go of controlling others and outcomes. Let go of your agendas. Let go.  

7.       BE WILLING TO BECOME BIG ENOUGH TO ACCOMMODATE THIS EXPANSION. As my life has gotten bigger, my spiritual edge is now enlarging my capacity and becoming big enough personally to hold and sustain all the bigger and better things that are appearing. Some of the ways I do that are breathing deeply, creating quiet, contemplative time, and constantly appreciating and giving thanks for everything in my life—even seemingly unfortunate events. I also have to remind myself from time to time that it’s okay for life to feel this great. What’s your edge? What will it take to be bigger?  

Fully expect to be surprised and delighted with your spiritual expansion this year. Ask for it. Take a deep breath and enjoy and notice what you do in the next moment, the next time you answer the phone, send an email, greet your child or enjoy a meal. It’s all spiritual practice. And it’s available in increasingly bigger forms for as long as you are willing to invite it in.


4 thoughts on “Expanding your spirit

  1. LAIRD

    …………and I thought I was the only one who recognised how restrictive the ‘new religions’ are, masters of subjagation and indoctrination. Written for people,mainly illiterate, to whom a good yarn was all there was around the winter’s campfires. Burning bushes, seas parting[!] –  I enjoy Hans Christian Anderson – but I don’t take the stories literally. 

  2. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    That is right, we have to let go.  As a boy, being from the City, we spent our time in the streets, under the bridges, in the near by fields and mountains, we did lots of breathing in open air, lots of exercises in running, jumping, having lots of humour, feeling expand in the true sense of the term.  Our spiritual part was great. Only later in life, when we took things too seriously, being sedentary, we developed the bad temper, sicknesses etc. etc.  
    That childhood in a person must always be there. It is a way to feel great.  I rejected my adulthood, and now I live like a Big Boy. It is great feeling ! Breathe, keep the humour, be simple, be childish ! That’s great !
    Take care,

  3. Jazzy J

    (`’•.¸(`’•.¸ ¸.•’´) ¸.•’´)
    « Kisses 4 u Kate :)) !!! »
    (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ `’•.¸)`’ •.¸)
    ( `•.¸
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` * * ** In your…
    _____xxxxxxxxxxxxx LvJJ xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ______xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Take care Love always JJ :)))

  4. Suki x

    hello Kate
     a lot of good advice here especially about breathing I am about to sign up to a Pranayama class to be held next year, places go fast on this workshop so we have to book early!
    Thank you for your comment on my site I will mail you with the best advice I can
    Suki x


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