Anyone For Sex?

‘Peace will come through sex’

By Maxim Kniazkov
Washington – Standard excuses like "Honey, I have a headache" would, no doubt, be highly inappropriate. Indeed, who can say no if world peace is at stake?
So, if you believe there is too much killing in the modern world, you might consider shedding your clothes and engaging in passionate sex on Friday, December 22.
Because if White House strategists argue for "peace through strength," veteran peace activists Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell counter by saying it will come through sex – and a loud worldwide orgasm.
"The intent is that the participants concentrate any thoughts during and after orgasm on peace," the organisers said in a statement posted on the project’s website Global Orgasm.
That, explain Sheehan and Reffell, could change "the energy field of the Earth" and "reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence."
In addition to the war in Iraq, the two are seriously concerned about the US naval build-up in the Gulf, which they fear could be a prelude to a war against Iran.
The label of mischievous youths is hardly applicable to either of the two: Sheehan, who is not related to antiwar demonstrator Cindy Sheehan who has been laying siege to President George Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, is 76, and Reffell is 55.
Fighting for peace between the sheets, they insist, would be appropriate for "all men and women" around the world, "but especially in countries with weapons of mass destruction."
Since participation and thus the success will be difficult to gauge, organisers plan to rely on the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, which tries to monitor how global events such the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States affect human consciousness.
A spike in childbirths by the end of next August could be a more reliable indicator.
Sheehan has already made her mark in the US antiwar movement as organiser of Baring Witness, a women’s group that started holding nude antiwar protests even before the March 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.
She believes the modern world is suffering from an excess of testosterone, which fuels aggressiveness and violence among men, and "the seductive power of a calm, feminine voice" could go a long way to help.
When not organising unorthodox protests, Sheehan and Reffell promote what they call new "sensual" feminism, arguing that if straight men are made comfortable by women, "they might even give up going to war."
"Why orgasm?" Sheehan wrote in her blog about the December 22 event. "We know that you guys need more sex, not less – so here’s a chance to practice, practice, practice for peace." – Sapa-AFP


4 thoughts on “Anyone For Sex?

  1. LAIRD

    I will refrain from swearing but women in charge?…….mrs thatcher sent troops to regain a lump of rock in the southern atlantic – mrs mier showed no mercy to the arabian peasants in the ‘palastinian homeland’ and mrs ghandi did nt exactly get a vote of thanks from her traditional foes in pakistan. A woman leader in ceylon[sri lanka] did nt exactly cover herself with glory. Thousands of french woman who thought giving a german soldier a good time were subject to quite barbarack retributions following WW2. It did nt quite work out for them or the russian peasants whom catherine the great slaughtered, I could go on and on and on………………Although we have a female african president,[thh name of the country escapes my ageing brain cells], a woman chancellor in germany and a great possibility of a lady french president in 2007. It does nt matter who the head of state is – people in power will wage war.
    As an aging hippy the principle of making love not war has always appealed 🙂 It did nt help in the sixties and won’t help now – all it produced then was a mini baby boom, which now gives more canon fodder for the middle east.

  2. Coffee With Kate

    Ah the Lairds comment has provided me with such a good laugh and I just have to say…… “perhaps they were not real women”  

  3. Jazzy J

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