The question of death

Recently so many people close to me have lost loved ones either through illness or sadly by the hand of murderous thugs that our government seem unable or not willing to do anything about.

The question of death makes me ponder… has the intelligence to understand and know that he will not live forever; Surely if we are given this understanding, there must be something more beyond the point of the death of the body. If not …..then why do we know or even need to know that death is a certainty at some point for every person walking this earth?

I would love to receive your comments on this.


13 thoughts on “The question of death

  1. Zoe

    the thinking of death is to let as now that we dont live for ever and to make the best of what path you have taken or to change the path you are on to make some thing of your self and this dose not have to be with how much money we have or in the things we own but nowing for your self that you have lived your life the wway you think it should be lived to do the best you can to make it thow lfe so that when we are on the way out we dont have thoughs of only if i did things the other way than things would have turn out all right. well i would love to stay and write more but i have to get going so bye for now and i hope that all is welll with you.
      From Zoe Moon

  2. LAIRD

    If we had eternal life we would be gods.  Man’s intelligence and experiences are for living – in this world. Seems a pointless exercise preparing for oblivion.

  3. Peter

    As they used to whisper in the ear of the returning Roman Generals in triumph ceremonies in ancient Rome … "Memento Mori" or, "Remember, thou art mortal"I have to say – I said that to a person recently, and he just about had a fit in front of me – but he’s a crook .. so I think the comment is well deserved.It’s interesting to me, that those in power (who do nothing about the needless deaths from crime, negligence, famine .. or whatever) seem to get lost in their power play world where they think of themselves as immune to those things which affect the rest of us but then up pops a reality check … and good old mortality kicks in just as it does for everyone else.Making the best of our time on this world, and being as honest as we can .. doing a little good from time to time .. should be what makes the world go round.

  4. Coffee With Kate

    Hey Peter,
    Thanks for popping by and it is with such good timing. I am experiencing the lowest of low days; your comment however added value and meaning to my day.
    Take care
    A huge virtual hug from Africa.

  5. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    Everyday, I see rusty metals or tools. I also see a lot of riped fruits. In both cases, they are all reaching the end in a poin in time. 
    I think, if we are good Persons, Angels will be very happy to pick us as the beautiful red and yellow riped fruits.  Anyway, we are all striving in this direction towards that end.  If we are the good fruits, why worry ?
    I always wonder what TIME is ! 
    Often I look at the ticking seconds on my watch. It appears that the future and the past exist. The Present appears to be a lie.  The ticking second from the future goes instantly into the Past.  Of course, I understand what we call the Present, but still, I think of my ticking seconds from the future going dead into the Past.
    Take care,

  6. Sarah

    Regarding ‘death’: to me it seems, since I was a small child and experienced the loss of my mother, that death is to make us think about the Beyond, the "after after".  energy CANNOT be destroyed, only transformed.  So the body goes into the earth or where ever, but the soul/spirit/feeling/thoughts go up up and away!  But still here perhaps if called upon?  Personally, I do not think it is just wishful thinking–I sense it since I was small–and all cultures wonder, which tells me there is something inherent in us to make us want to know more about the after death reality–more real than this one…
    Hard not to be hurt by all the hurt going on!  Just want to learn to not be party to it on any level! 

  7. Coffee With Kate

    Thank you Sarah,
    You have echoed sentiments that I support and have so often stated; it took you to re-enforce them…….

  8. Jazzy J

    Hi kate. I am supposed to be working but the boss is at a meeting so Ive sneaked  on here :)))) As for a response to your blog today, I would like to think that our spirit’s continue onto another level somewhere. I like the egyptian’s idea of the ‘afterlife’. The Egyptians believed that death was simply a temporary interruption, rather than complete cessation, of life, and that eternal life could be ensured by means like piety to the gods, preservation of the physical form through  mummification and the provision of statuary and other funerary equipment. Each human consisted of the physical body, the ‘ka’, the ‘ba’, and the ‘akh’. The Name and Shadow were also living entities. To enjoy the afterlife, all these elements had to be sustained and protected from harm. For Egyptians, the cycles of human life, rebirth, and afterlife mirrored the reproductive cycles that surrounded them in the natural world. After death, the Egyptians looked forward to continuing their daily lives as an invisible spirit among their descendents on Earth in Egypt, enjoying all the pleasures of life with none of its pain or hardships.
    I guess I would like to think that the next stage of my life will have more fun,laughter,love and friends like you :))) Take care sugar LvJJ :)) 

  9. Andrew

    We know we will die – lets enjoy life while we can – i try to look after myself – so i just hope i get put in the recycling box – hopefully that way other organisms may enjoy my elements in the future – and perhaps i can still cause a little light hearted troublesleep well – Trouble

  10. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    I feel I must write here of a beautiful experience I had about death :
    It wss on 16th May 1995. I had to pick an Italian Engineer from the airport. His plane was scheduled to land at noon. At 10.00 am, I decided to go to the gas station to get my car checked and filled the reservoir with gas.
    When I was leaving home, my wife asked me : "Why do you look at me like that ?" She felt something was going to happen.
    At about 13.00 hours, I was driving with my Italian Friend from the airport.  All of a sudden, I saw the scenery in black and white, NO MORE colours. I saw a motor cycle infront of my car. So, I slowed down.
    When I came to myself, I was on a hospital bed. My Italian Friend was in another room as I learned later.
    Sometime from my accident to my waking up on my hospital bed, I had an out of the body experience. I was feeling extremely light, going extremely fast with my consciousness only. There was a sound accompanying me, a sound I cannot reproduce. I tried to recall who I was, but I could not remember at all. My memory was a blank.
    Then, I reached a dark place. It was not as a dark room on earth, it was dark, but transparent. I saw a Person all his body emitting light. I think that Person was a man.  I looked at him, and without saying a word, I understood he meant  : "You must go back !"  And I instantly waked up on my hospital bed.
    I mentioned that I slowed down my car because I saw a motor cycle infront of me .  I later learned that a Couple died on that spot when their motor cycle crashed into the rear of a lorry that had a breakdown at night. There was no warning light on that lorry.
    At the time of the car  accident, my wife heard me calling her 3 times. She looked around, and could not see me. Then the phone rang to announce to her of my car accident.
    The accident happened when a car overtook 2 cars in the direction of the airport. The car came on the right side of the road and crashed headon into my car.
    My Italian Friend  suffered 5 broken ribs, and an ankel fractured.
    Me, I had : My right femur broken, Left arm radius broken, Pelvis cracked, Upper Mandible broken,  Wind Pipe damaged at the level of my throad, 2 upper teeth broken, Right kidney problem afterwards with an 8 cm lump.  I underwent a surgical operation 2 year later.
    60 days in the Clinic + 9 months at home to recover.
    My conclusion is that there exist another world in parallel with ours. The black and white scenery I saw was the other world. The Couple on the motor cycle were dead, but still alive, and in a vision, they helped me to slow down my car. The Person I saw, all his body emitting light may be the Guardian of the other world.
    I still keep all my X-ray films for anybody to see, but  I cannot bring you to see the Person whose body emitted so beautiful light !
    I had some night encounters at a place called Coromandel. There used to be quite a few car accidents there. This is a proof to myself of the existance of the other world in parallel to ours, but vibrating, and from time to time the 2 worlds touch one another.
    Take care,

  11. Kenneth

    I subscribe to the school of thought that, god is nature, we are born, live,  then die, like a flower that bursts into this world blooms then dies, the cycle of life is as simple as that.
    There is no great garden in the sky where all the dead flowers are lifted, the fear of death is the reason why people want to believe in a "after life".
    The concept of a heaven awaiting us comforts and helps those poor souls that fear death, let them derive all the comfort they need from that belief for I have no problem with people who believe differently from I.
    I believe in god, however I spell it thus, "NATURE", if none of my sences can detect something, then my heart and my mind scream at me, telling me that, it dose not exist.
    Logic and a inner peace shows me the way to the truth of all things.
    P/S. I have no fear of death I just would not like to be there when it happens……..


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