Do You Keep Score?

As children we learn to "keep score." When someone hits us, we hit right back. And when we don’t, we keep a running tally of punches owed. As adults, we’re no different. It’s our nature to hold on to the slights. But keeping score is not up to us and it’s not up to us to dole out rewards and punishments. It’s up to the Light. We have a limited time in this world. Why waste it hording hatred and resentment?
The lesson for today is simple: Let it go. When you find yourself stuck in anger, practice thinking or saying, "Next. Next. Next." It’s a powerful four-letter word……and a lot nicer than some others I can think of.

Y. Berg


One thought on “Do You Keep Score?

  1. Zoe

    but befor i go i will right something on this one as well. hi ya its very ture that we keep that in mind to keep score i have found my self doing that and find it hard to brake that way of thinking cause of the years of it being told to us from so young in some ways its how most of the world thinks well i have to get going bye and hope you have a good night and good weekend bye
    From Zoe Moon


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