Healthy Vision

Ten-step guide to healthy eyes:

·    Eat right for good sight – eating a balanced diet can reduce your risk of developing common eye conditions.

·    Exercise regularly – the eyes need oxygen to stay healthy and comfortable.

·    Get a good night’s sleep – sleep can help keep your eyes feeling bright and refreshed.

·    Quit smoking – smokers have a significantly higher risk of eye disease.

·    Use goggles to protect your eyes – wear goggles when doing DIY or playing certain sports such as squash.

·    Limit the amount of alcohol that you drink – drinking too much limits the production of glutathione, an antioxidant that protects the eyes.

·    Protect your eyes against UV light – excessive exposure to UV rays can lead to a condition called photokeratitis which make your eyes red, swollen and watery.

·    Watch your weight and maintain a healthy BMI – a healthy weight protects the retina against age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

·    Drink plenty of water – dehydration can lead to dry, sore and irritated eyes.

·    Have regular eye examinations – make sure you have an eye test every two years.


Top foods for protecting vision:

·    Cold water fish (sardines, cod, mackerel or tuna).

·    Spinach, kale and green leafy vegetables.

·    Eggs.

·    Sulphur-rich foods such as garlic, onions, shallots and capers.

·    Fruits and vegetables for their vitamin A, C, and E and Beta-carotene content.

·    Wine (in moderation).

·    Nuts and berries.

·    Virgin olive oil.

6 thoughts on “Healthy Vision

  1. Andrew

    what about coffee – is that ok for the eyes – if so how about a flask of coffee at the beach – it’ll give my eyes a rest from looking at this computer monitor

  2. LAIRD

    Well that has reminded me – my eye test is due next February! As for what to eat? The cod stocks in the North Sea are virtually extinct, the tuna is full of mercury and the greens and root veg are full of herbicides! Seems like a diet of red wine, olive oil and garlic for me. Least that will come in usefull on 31st October !

  3. Coffee With Kate

    Hello Laird of Glen Cairn…pray tell; what is happening on the 31 of October? I am pregnant with curiosity

  4. Zoe

    i did not now all that stuff about eyes. hi how are you. i hope very thing is going well for you. for me things are geting better but its just taking time any ways i have to get going so bye for now
    From Zoe Moon

  5. me

    Hi Kate,
    we forget how we use our eyes just about all the time.
    time to get that appointment sorted and eat healthy too, gotta do that anyway 🙂

  6. Suki x

    Hello Kate thank you for your visit to my space.   The eyes are the windows of the soul!  Thank you for your wise word on how to look after them, definately keep drinking the wine!
    Suki x


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