A curious mind

"All the people we call ‘geniuses’ are men and women who somehow escaped having to put that curious, wondering child in themselves to sleep." – Barbara Sher

How willing are you to learn something new? How open are you to new perspectives?

Only when we’re open can we really hear what’s being said or really see what’s happening or really experience the moment.

Openness demands that we be willing to move to places we’ve never been before. It asks us to continually challenge the foundations of our belief systems so we can test out new ideas. And to do that, we need to accept insecurity.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." – Alvin Toffler


3 thoughts on “A curious mind

  1. LAIRD

    When I gave up employment for good, I looked forward to a regular visit to my local library. Sadly racks of books have disappeared to make way for – computers. My book reading has dropped to one or two a year and my use of the home computer increased to some 10 hours a week. There may be more access to knowledge but are we more knowledgeable?

  2. Coffee With Kate

    Well Laird Of Glen Cairn you raise an important point. From my perspective I would say the masses are probably less ‘informed’ and I say this with respect; for ‘we’ the ‘masses’ are like sheep, lead like sheep; we follow and ingest all the garbage that has been skilfully placed out there for the specific gain of the powers that be and which control this world that we live in. We are much like ants, scurrying about daily without much of are own purpose or individuality leading the way. We act perfectly to someone else’s subliminally and cleverly orchestrated plan.

  3. elizabeth

    i love the ‘curious mind’ entry.  i have recently felt the need to be open to new experiences, some small, some that seem huge to me.   have wanted to unlearn and relearn, mostly about me but also lifes stereotypes.
    some have called it a midlife crisis, but i prefer it to be called my second childhood because its an absolute joy to rediscover that curious wondering child that got lost somewhere along the way.
    love, beth. x


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