Could It Be Time For You To Blossom?

"The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people’s expectations."  Julie Cameron

Many of us unconsciously believe that we’re unworthy or defective. We adopted this belief very early in our lives when the people we looked up to disapproved of our demands, wishes and behaviours. We concluded that we had to learn to be good.

Unfortunately, ‘being good’ usually meant giving up our own differences or uniqueness. We learned that we might get the love we wanted if we acted and felt like others wanted us to.

If we seek true joy and connection with life, we now need to remove these artificial masks and express our deep authentic nature.

"For all those years you’ve protected the seed. It’s time to become the beautiful flower." Stephen C. Paul



6 thoughts on “Could It Be Time For You To Blossom?

  1. SIMON

     OH MY GOD, why am i having trouble adding you to my contact list,im sure, i dont know the answer, and i would so love to have a gossip with you over that virtual coffe, oh and can i still get suger with that, if so will have  2 please. oh well talk to you soon and will quite look forward to it so take good care of yourself lv simon xXXXXXXXXXX

  2. me

    Hello Kate wow i havnt popped in for coffee, for a couple of days & i have missed so much. Thanks for the invite for coffee and i do notice you have a new friend. I will go and say hello to him and welcome him to space land 🙂
    Not sure what he will think if he looks mine up, i have just labotomised my lover in my wishmakers story. he he he.
    I hope you are well kate, i think we all have times in our life when we blossom, i am waiting for mine any moment now!
    love mariex

  3. Zoe

    hi you dont now me but it would be cool if we get to now each other you should come by my space and let me now what you think about it. i hope to see you soon on my site well bye for now.
     From Zoe Moon

  4. Suki x

    Hi kate
    This is a great blog so true!   I have added Simon as a friend and had a chat with him with the Cam!!  I will email you about my experience with the NLP and Yog day
    Om shanti
    Suki x

  5. Suzi

    I so identified with this sentiment. Trying to find oneself after being lost for so long is a long and difficult road.


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