Pay attention to Anger

How do you feel about anger, in yourself and in others? How do you deal with it?

Anger is powerful energy. If we are afraid of this energy, we may attempt to deny or hide it. And when we lack control of the energy of anger, we impose it on other people or things.

The ways we react to anger usually reflect how we experienced anger as children and how our own anger when we were young was handled by the adults at the time.

In reality, anger, like any emotion, brings us information. It tells us how we feel about what is being experienced. If we receive anger’s message and learn more about ourselves, the energy will pass.

"Character isn’t inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains."  Helen Douglas


3 thoughts on “Pay attention to Anger

  1. Jazzy J

    Hi Kate hunny. I am so glad that I can come and visit you once again and leave dribbly messages to brighten your day :)) I love the new background colour of your space hunny :)) COFFEE COLOURED :)) Thank you for all the INFO email’s that you have sent me they are an invaluable source of blog material :)) As for anger, well I tend to think a lot and over analyse feelings before I act upon them. I never act in haste and anger is too emotionally draining for me :)) So I try to avoid it at all costs. That’s about as deep as I can go right now :))
    I will leave you with a funny limerick :))


    I’m deep in lust with leg of lamb.My heart’s ablaze for country ham.A hand-tossed round with extra cheeseWill bring me, panting, to my knees.I burn for fresh filet of sole.A hot dog makes me lose control.For apple pie my passions rage.Food is the sex of middle age!
     Take care kate hunny and get well soon hunny :)) LvJJ :))

  2. LAIRD

    Character IS inherited. HD can nt have heard of dna. 
    Anger and lust are two raw emotions which mankind constantly battles to restrain.  When channelled intellegently they can become virtues!

  3. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you again for this nice article.
    I was a child of the Capital, Port Louis city.  Many times,  I came home with  bleeding noze, or a bruised knee or elbow or what else ?  After I grew up, I thought it all over again because sometimes in one’s life, one has to turn back and see what is behind ! Intelligenly, I tamed my anger. My nervcous system is still here. I shout, but I do not get involved in a physical clash with others as I used to. Scars are ugly !  Chilhood anger was one thing, but adult anger is very much more serious because it may involved onself in a crime or be killed !
    Keep enriching us with your writings. You are lovely !
    Take care,


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