Are you intolerant

You’re driving to work and you are already late for a meeting. The car in front of you is moving at a turtle’s pace because it has just developed a flat tire and the driver is trying to manoeuvre it to a place where he can safely stop the car. Naturally you are frustrated, and you curse the guy for making you late, but do you understand why he’s ‘making you late’? Do you understand that if he could meet your needs he would? But right at this moment faced with a flat tire seeking somewhere safe to pull over, he can’t.


Intolerance tends to exists in people who don’t know who they are; people who don’t have a strong sense of their own self-worth. Intolerance is also often rooted in fear.


It is often very difficult to ‘see’ the whole picture when you are inside the frame. Step outside once in a while, you may well be very pleasantly surprised.


By being in touch with our essential goodness, we can see the essential goodness in others as well. Today, focus on one difficult person in your life. Understand the pain that is driving their behaviour. Find a way to share with them. It could be something as simple as sending them a nice thought.


2 thoughts on “Are you intolerant

  1. LAIRD

    I try to keep to the rules of the road. If there tardiness is obvious – ok.
    I am intolerant of people ,[mainly women, 8:2 on my last long trip] who think that the middle lane of a 3 lane motor/free way is there for there sole use. The dilemma then is : do I undertake them,[an illegal manouvre here],flash my headlights to get them to move over into the empty inside lane,[again illegal and which they always ignore], or spit feathers trying to get passed them in the outside lane , thus infuriating the bmw drivers speeding along nose to tail at 10% – 20% faster than the speed limit? I will refrain from giving you my opinion of driver’s towing a caravan !!!


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