More on – Becoming Who You Are

To be ‘beautiful’, you must be who you are. For who you are is far more interesting, vital, and attractive than anything or anyone you might pretend to be. This is a fact that, sadly, is often forgotten. For we live in a world which teaches us; however unwittingly, that whatever we are is not as good as what we should, could, or might be. It also tells us that we need someone or something else outside ourselves to give our lives meaning.

The media are full of programs, articles, advertisements, and imperatives that urge you to "be a better lover," "wear this fashion," "build a better kitchen or house," “Drive a bigger car” or that purport to tell you how to look more sexy, be more assertive, make your life work, and so forth.

It is all an amazing game which works very well. It keeps selling clothes, books, and automobiles because it keeps people wanting. The only problem is that in the process it also creates an enormous amount of misery and dissatisfaction as people continue to look outside themselves for yardsticks to measure themselves by. This is because, no matter how well it works, the "want-need-get" game obscures one really important truth: that what you need to be complete, beautiful, healthy, happy, and fulfilled is not "out there," "one day," or "if I only had …," it is already here – inside you – right now. It does not need to be bought, sought, seduced, or copied. It simply needs to be discovered within you and then lived. That is where an awareness of the Self – the particular individual you are physically, mentally, and emotionally – comes in.



7 thoughts on “More on – Becoming Who You Are

  1. me

    thanks for the warm hug, another continent , yet as though it’s around the corner 🙂 i’ll rem yr words about living life more wise advice.
    many hugs for you too kate.

  2. LAIRD

    Never will understand why woman feel obliged to trowel lotions and potions onto their skin. I was going to say I am not a materialist……but looking around me I have books,computer, I own a house, car, and tv. The car is utilitarian – it never reflected the size of my paypacket. Probably the only time I suffered from the ‘must have’ syndrome was the release of the latest elvis or buddy holly discs! Suppose I could renounce all this and live on a desert island – but then who would provide me with my morning coffee????

  3. Annie

     Hi Kate
                  Thanks for the lovely comments and taking the time to visit. I love your pictures you certainly do live somewhere very beautiful.
    We will certainly have that coffee one day soon
    Enjoy the rest of your day Love & Hugs Annie

  4. Peter

    Hi KateThanks for the visit ! I think I need some coffee after the pasf few days of dragon slaying … looking forward to the weekend.Take care and have a great day !

  5. John

    Kate thanks for your comment on my space I agree and it all starts with yourself rather than living off the emotions of others. I am finding it difficuilt to find that space at the moment but have tO hang in there and the time will come.


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