Summer salads

Summer salads are all about ease and freshness. Make use of the wealth of vegetables at their peak; courgettes, broad beans, spinach, fennel, peppers, peas, basil and other garden herbs will impart bold flavours with the simplest of dressings. A grating of pecorino, parmesan or a few slivers of a dry-cured ham, such as Parma ham, will add saltiness and a hint of hotter climes.

Grab a handful of your favourite salad greens and chuck in toasted nuts and seeds, cold meat and an assortment of vegetables for an easy summer supper


2 thoughts on “Summer salads

  1. jason

    nuts :), reminds me of that waldorf salad sketch on fawlty towers, i love salads, hate tomatoes ( though ok in pizza,pasta )…

  2. jason

    an awesomely easy and fantastico dressing is spanish extra virgin oil dabbed over, and then a few dabs of balsamic vinegar of medera, er, think i got the vinegar details there, unsure,anyway, flatmate gourmet dude showed me this and is fabo tasticaly.. just dabs mind you, not pouring


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