Tipping the scale

Dear Mallika

Re: your concerns – Conflict, war, fighting, mass murder plot……….

I’m a great believer in the power of thought, for good or for evil. Where we focus our thought energies will be the result of our reality. In other words what you think, say and do today will be your tomorrow.

Taking this statement further; look at the ‘energy’ that is given to everything negative in the world, via all means of media. This communication reinforces the negative process, fuelling it constantly in our minds and actions. So for as long as our focus is honed in on these thought processes, so the world will remain in turmoil.

The journey back to the positive and to peace everywhere in the world is a long one but not impossible.

Our leaders, the media, mothers, fathers, teachers, religious leaders need once again to be conscious of the power of thought and its inevitable outcome by what is said, displayed, preached, taught, communicated. It’s a big job and a daunting one but not impossible.

One last example to illustrate my point; Everything that surrounds you started with a thought, the shirt you are wearing, your mobile phone, the mug that you drink your tea or coffee from, the car you drive, the house that you live in. They were all thoughts in someone’s head be for they became the tangible thing.

We need to start tipping the scale, by shifting the focus, becoming more aware and to communicate in a better way.

With kind thoughts

Kate Abbott.

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