For the Happy Cooks – Some useful tips

Here’s a quick method for chopping garlic, ginger or chillies

When needing to chop several cloves of garlic I find that by tossing them into a coffee grinder with a little olive oil does the job rather splendidly, producing a nice ‘gloopy’ paste. If you don’t want to achieve a paste omit the olive oil and don’t process for too long. However be warned…the whole procedure takes just a few seconds.

I find this approach useful for chopping ginger as well. And if your dish requires both garlic and ginger, then just process the two together at the same time.

You can also prep your chillies this way too.


And here is a quick and easy way to dress a salad perfectly.

Plop your leaves in a bowl. Pour some oil in a spoon and drizzle around the inside edge of the bowl, follow with lemon juice, or vinegar, or balsamic finger. The dressing will drizzle down the side of the bowl toward the leaves, toss the salad leaves around in the bowl and there you have it …a perfectly dressed salad


Happy cooking


2 thoughts on “For the Happy Cooks – Some useful tips

  1. me

    nice to be back 🙂 i love reading yr recipes, even though i don’t actually cook/create as such, too easy to set the smoke detectors of in my flat lol. Yr song is playing at this moment on my radio, sterio sound lol.
    marie xxx

  2. LAIRD

    Ok….I ve described how to make a great cauliflower cheese…… what is your secret receipe for "Bobotie! ?


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