So Who Are You

“Please tell me who you are and what you want”….Seems simple enough to answer, however most people live their lives without arriving at an answer. So who are you? Well this is something you must discover yourself and you are the only one who can answer this question.

The challenge of knowing ourselves is no easy task. There is I am sure, so much more to you than you know at present, perhaps its time to go exploring.

The human brain, mysterious and intimidating to contemplate, is the most complex thing there is and the most difficult task is to understand its purpose.

Perhaps it is not so much about where we graduated or what we do for a living but more about who ‘we’ truly are. Discovering this is perhaps the purpose and work of the Soul….our true life’s work.


3 thoughts on “So Who Are You

  1. me

    I’m still working on this, thing is we never stay the same, so just as you are beginning to get an idea, damn if you haven’t changed again lol.
    Marie xx

  2. Coffee With Kate

    Yes Marie…so it seems for everything is constantly evolving…..
    Nice to have you back, take care,
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)

  3. Ella

    Hi Kate, I’ve seen your space "advertised" on some of the spaces I visit. So, I just wanted to say hello, and perhaps… answer this question.Truth is, I might have not discovered myself yet, but I am getting there. Everyday making descisions which will [hopefully] lead my to who I am. Right now, I am interested for discovering things I have never learned before. I have great appreciation for art, so perhaps I will excel in those areas. I have not yet decided what it is I "want", but in the grand scheme of things, I would have to say happiness and freedom from boundries.- And Yourself?


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